Album Review: Love Is A Dog (Tinpan Orange)

The fifth studio album by Melbourne melodramatic folk trio Tinpan Orange released April 8 and I’ve been sitting having a listen. Make sure you also check out Anna’s interview with Emily Lubitz earlier this year.

Love Is A Dog is the first I have heard of Tinpan Orange so I can’t compare to previous works. The album has been the backdrop to my Friday night. It is a very smooth and soothing album, quite easy listening yet still uplifting.

Produced by the band in collaboration with Harry James Angus (The Cat Empire, Jackson Jackson), and mixed by the renowned Adam Selzer (M.Ward, She & Him, Jolie Holland) at Type Foundry Studios in Portland, the album presents a vulnerability and a beauty that captivates and inspires.  Love Is A Dog explores the paralysis of privilege, the precariousness of having too much to lose and the pain of loving someone too much.

tinpan orange

The sounds on this album are incredible and if you just want to sit back and let the music wash over you, this is perfect. If you then pay a little more attention and listen to the lyrics you will begin to feel the music.

Lead single Rich Man tells the story of a sad and lonely housewife trapped in a loveless marriage with a rich man, it has quite a haunting quality and a lilting melody.

The entire album shares an ethereal quality created with the effective use of strings. Some songs are quite vulnerable and reflective while others resonate with a much more uplifting feel.

I think this would make a great dinner party soundtrack. Feel good background music that you can get lost in or let wash over you.

Love Is A Dog is available now through iTunes, Spotify and

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