New YouTube Channel

Steve and I are pleased to tell you that we’ve now set up our very own YouTube channel.  In case you can’t tell, we’re a bit excited about it.   It’s one thing to talk about how wonderful things are here at Annie’s Cedar Farm Cottages: it’s a whole other matter when we can show you in pictures.

Over time we will add to the library of videos on our YouTube channel.  We’ll show you around the farm, show you the different seasons and what they do to our landscape, interview our visitors, talk to our special people like Leanne, the massage therapist.  You never know, we might even feature you one day.

In fact, let me ask you right now.  What would you like to see on the Annie’s Cedar Farm YouTube channel?   Leave us your ideas in the comments and we will start working on them for you.

We can’t wait to show you more of our wonderful cottage bed and breakfast get aways.

We have two videos on the channel now.  Expect more!

Here is the latest clip.  Enjoy it.