Sheryl Crow – 100 Miles From Memphis

100 Miles From Memphis is the 7th album of music industry veteran Sheryl Crow, it marks the 9-time Grammy winner’s return to the sounds that drew her to making music. The album title is more about her state of mind than the location as she grew up in a town that was 100 miles from Memphis and the music is all about her roots.

The journey Crow has been on for the past 20 years has bought her almost full circle, bringing her back home to the style of the soundtrack to her early life.

sheryl crow

Comprising of 12 tracks that evoke a reminiscent feeling rather than imitating the style of any one artist this album is soulful but still upbeat and easy listening. Vocally there were times when Crow sounded a lot like some of Pinks more mellow tracks and the album showcased her vocal range quite well. Lots of big brassy horns in the background to set the tone and drag you into the sound.

Including a cover of Terence Trent Darby’s 1987 hit “Sign Your Name” which has a new tempo and brand new sound that I found highly enjoyable, even being a fan of the song done by Darby. Justin Timberlake contributes backing vocals on this track.

The other cover on this album is the Bonus Track, I Want You Back which was the Jackson 5’s breakthrough 1970 hit and the first single Crow ever bought.

The fact that she was a backup singer for Michael Jackson at the beginning of her career really demonstrates the coming home aspect of the album and her vocal range really does sound a lot like the original when I go back for another listen with this in mind.

Other big name appearances on the album are made by Keith Richards on Eye to Eye and Sideways is a duet with Citizen Cope which is one of his songs that Crow has long wanted to record.

Track Listing:

  • Our Love Is Fading
  • Eye to Eye
  • Sign Your Name
  • Summer Day
  • Long Road Home
  • Say What You Want
  • Peaceful Feeling
  • Stop
  • Sideways
  • 100 Miles From Memphis
  • Roses and Moonlight
  • I Want You Back

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