Movie Review: Spread Your Wings

If you are looking for a feel good, heart-warming, beautifully shot movie then you can’t go past Spread Your Wings.

The film was made in 2019 and based on the true story of Christian Moullec, a French Meteorologist known as Birdman. Christian was a co-writer of the script for the movie.

Spread Your Wings was directed by Nicolas Vanier and it tells the story of Christian (played by Jean-Paul Rouve), a scientist who specialises in the study of the migratory habits of the lesser fronted white goose.

His 14 years old son Thomas (Louis Vazquez), a microlight and a pack of geese raised from hatchlings also fill the screen. The story follows Christian’s idea to teach the geese a new flight path in order to save them from extinction.

Thomas lives with his mother, Paola (Mélanie Doutey), and with his carefully styled hair, and addiction to video games, he is less than impressed when told he is off to spend three weeks alone with his father on a Camargue farm with limited internet/mobile phone availability.

Knowing that geese imprint themselves on the first parent or foster parent they see as they hatch, Christian determines to raise a clutch of goose eggs. His plan is for them to imprint on himself and then teach them a new and safer flight path using his ultralight.

Thomas is fascinated by the goose eggs and is present as they begin to hatch.  Discovering his father’s microlight, he strikes a deal that he will help raise the chicks, in return for some microlight flight lessons.  During this process, he develops an endearing relationship with a goose he names Akkar, a different species of goose to the others, whose egg has mistakenly been included in the clutch.

When the authorities threaten the lives of the geese, Thomas takes matters into his own hands.

As Thomas’ parents, and the authorities, search for him and the geese with very different agendas in mind, we are treated to some spectacular views from the microlight of European landscape.  Meanwhile Thomas and his flying geese become an internet sensation.

In addition to the underlying story of saving an endangered species, Vanier provides a sensitive narrative about family relationships that appropriately complements the movie.

spread your wings movie

The only downside I see with the film is that as it is produced in French, there is a need to rely on subtitles to understand what is happening.  For some this can be a distraction, for others, it can provide a greater connection as you aren’t straining to hear what is being said.  

It does mean however that unless you are fluent in French the movie is out of the reach of younger people, those for whom English is a second language, and those with literary issues including dyslexia, which is a great pity as it is a beautiful movie.

I absolutely loved this movie and give it 8 out of 10.  Many thanks to Icon Film Distribution and Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to view and review Spread Your Wings.

Release date: 7 January 2021 in Australia by Icon Film Distribution.

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  1. We recently watched this movie with the whole family and we will love it so much! He is just wonderful, and he is especially cool because both children and adults like him. I also want to say that the film has a very cool message and meaning. Love for animals is incredibly cute and there are also very beautiful landscapes. The quality of the shooting is also very cool! I think that we will see it more than once since my daughter liked it so much that she has been talking about it for 3 days already. Thank you for the article!

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