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We have something a little different for members today, and I am a little excited.

Last month we did our first member movie review and today we get to offer members the chance to go see Mr. Right and come tell us what they thought.

Mr. Right looks to be an action packed romantic comedy with big name leads and some well known supporting actors. The action might attract a more diverse crowd and this may just be the rom-com you can convince hubby to go see for date night.

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The Official Synopsis:

Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell put the “u” & “I” in “quirky” for this action rom-com adventure ride.  In MR. RIGHT Kendrick makes the transition from Pitch Perfect to “Bitch Perfect” as she plays a sweet girl about town with some snappy one liners who’s moving up to a potential assassin.  When she’s hit on by a hitman (Rockwell) it could be love at first-highly-powered-weapon-sight.

When unlucky-in-love Martha (Kendrick) meets Francis (Sam Rockwell) he seems different from other guys.  Really different. And if you don’t count that he’s a hitman on the run from crime cartels, he may just turn out to be MR. RIGHT.  Martha ignores the initial warning signs – ‘cos she just can’t ignore that they’ve got something special.  And if she and Francis can survive being hunted-down, shot-at, and generally risking their lives to survive, they just might make a killer couple.

Mr Right has quite a limited release and the season begins in the cinemas below June 16.

  • Brisbane – Dendy Portside
  • Sydney – Dendy Newtown, Palace Norton Street
  • Melbourne – Palace Kino
  • Canberra – Dendy Canberra Centre
  • Adelaide – Wallis Mitcham
  • Perth – Cinema Paradiso

10 of our lucky members will receive a double pass to check out the movie in a cinema near them, I look forward to reading what they thought in the comments section below.

9 thoughts on “User Reviews: Mr Right

  1. My mum who is also a member was selected for a double pass for this movie and I went along with her so I’m also writing a review 🙂 Thanks to Beauty and Lace for the opportunity!

    We reside in Tasmania but happened to be on holiday in Melbourne during the trial time so we were really excited to be able to take part. To see the movie we went to Palace Kino which is somewhere we had never been before. The movie was screened in the smallest theatre I have ever been in (there was around 65 seats) and we were the only people there! It was a comfortable theatre so we could sit back and relax while we enjoyed the movie.

    I will start off by saying the movie was quite different to I expected it to be. I expected it to be more of a chick flick rom com with some action, but it was heavier on the action side and I found it very light on the comedy front. To be honest this is what is reflected in the trailer but from the official synopsis which mentions “action rom-com” I had a slightly different expectation in my head. This may be a blessing in disguise if you can’t ordinarily convince your male partner to see a romance movie as due to the strong presence of action (including lots of fighting, shooting, etc) it may be a suitable movie to go to with him to as a compromise.

    There are two main characters in the movie Mr Right – Martha and Francis. The main female character Martha is bubbly and talkative, yet quite unpredictable and a little too trusting for my liking. She meets the main male character Francis by chance, and he is a very upfront honest character who isn’t afraid of anything.

    The movie runs for about 1.5 hours in which we watch Martha and Francis develop a relationship in between bursts of action. It takes Martha some time to realise Francis is really a hitman on the run as she always thinks he is joking and then she has to make a decision about whether to stick with him as it’s not exactly socially acceptable. Her decisions land her in some dangerous situations and she has to join in the action and fighting alongside Francis as they ultimately fight for their lives.

    Overall the story line was a little unrealistic (but it is a movie) but it did fit together well and make for an enjoyable movie. A few parts confused me a little particularly in regards to motives of some of the other characters in the movie but that was still okay. The ending is a little abrupt but is done quite cleverly, and it is not cut off in a “happily ever after manner” so it does perhaps leave open the potential for a sequel.

  2. My fiancé and I really enjoyed this!! It certainly wasn’t what we expected. I thought this would have been a classic romantic chick flick but I was wrong!

    This movie had a great action feel to it, coupled with the romantic comedy side to it too. I thought it was hilarious that Martha (Anna Kendrick) ended up falling in love with a hitman. She herself ends up discovering that she has some fighting skills of her own.

    There were parts of the movie that dragged a little, but we were laughing for most of it. Francis’ (Sam Rockwell) dance moves cracked me up, and their first awkward meeting in the convenience store was priceless. There were plenty of classic one-liners that made us giggle.

    Overall, I did enjoy the movie with its kookiness and somewhat slapstick comedy. I would give it a 3 out of 5 stars.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this unique movie, and if you’re into the dark comedic violent humour of a Quentin Tarantino type movie, then ‘Mr Right’ is the film for you.

    Don’t go in expecting a Hollywood blockbuster with unattainable attractive leading actors, this movie is for those who love quirky and a little left of centre characters.

    Not one for the kids, it does have a fair bit of swearing and comedic violence. A couple date for sure, there’s enough for him and her.

    Thank you Beauty & Lace for the chance to review ‘Mr Right’, a thoroughly enjoyable and unique movie I would definitely recommend.

  4. I would like to thank Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to view a movie and review it. As I live in Tasmania we do not have a lot of different cinemas to view movies so fortunately my daughter (a member also) and I were holidaying in Melbourne and were able to go to the Palace Kino to see Mr Right. The actual theatre was the smallest I have ever been in with roughly 65 seats and we were the only two there!

    I was expecting Mr Right to be more of a conventional chic flick but I was wrong. It was a lot more action packed with shooting, fighting and swearing than I expected.
    The two main characters in Mr Right are Martha and Francis. Martha meets Francis in a store and is charmed by him from there. But little does Martha know that Francis is a hit man who only kills people who have hired him to kill others. As their relationship develops there are many action packed scenes where Martha doubts herself as to whether Francis is the “right” person for her, but she is continually drawn back to him, which leads her into some dangerous situations and she ends up in the action and fighting to survive.

    I did find the movie a little confusing in parts, and could not work out how some of the characters fitted in with each other in the story line. I also was not too sure about the ending but maybe they were leaving that open for a sequel. All in all I did enjoy the movie even though it is not generally the type of movie I would go and watch.

  5. I love Anna Kendrick and admire her choice of characters. This movie did not disappoint for the quirky characters. I enjoy movies that make you question morality and this movie did that in a funny way. Perfect as a date night movie ir just out with friends.
    Thanks Beauty and Lace for a fun night out!

  6. What a great twist to what I thought would be a typical chick flick… Loved it the quirky twist on the good girl falling for the wrong guy. An absolute great date night film that will even entertain the guy in your life and has a good balance to have some fun, love and action.

    If you are looking for an entertaining movie that will meet everyone’s likes then, this is the one to see. Easy going, some violence and swearing but a love story none the less.
    A definite watch for anyone, thank you for the opportunity to see this film… Loved it

  7. I would like to thank Beauty and Lace for allowing me to review this film.

    Anna Kendrick , what can I say , this movie role was made for her. Her character was funny,cheeky and surprising. She played the role of little sweet innocent Martha who did not really know what she was getting herself into by meeting Mr Right (Francis).

    The story revolves around Martha who is so desperate in meeting the man of her dreams. She seems to be attracted to the wrong men and has had lot of failed relationships. She meets Francis where she is taken on a wild and exciting romance not realising the dangers of this relationship.

    Without giving too much away , the movie takes us through many emotions, love,hate, excitement and sorrow.
    This was a rom com with a twist of action.

  8. When I saw the trailer for Mr.Right, I knew this was a film I had to see. A romantic comedy starring Anna Kendrick , I so love her work.
    The film did not disappoint. The chemistry between Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell is great. Their characters are quirky, crazy and even psychotic at times but definitely well suited.
    Although not your typical rom com as guns, violence and murder are involved, it was quite a fun movie and very entertaining.
    Would love to see Anna Kendrick and Sam Rothwell paired up again.
    Thank you Beauty & Lace for giving me the opportunity to see this film.

  9. Thank you all for your reviews, the movie sounds very intriguing and interesting. It would have been a nice outing to go and see this movie in the theatre.

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