Movie Review: Swan Song

Swan Song is a reflective piece – a story of what was, what is and what will be. 

Pat Pitsenbarger played by Udo Kier lives a quiet existence in a nursing home, each day is the same, dull – and he knows he will be going through the motions until he dies. 

A rare visitor appears wanting him to do the hair of an old client Rita Parker Sloan. Rita has passed away and for her funeral she wants Pat. It is here we discover that Pat was a famous flamboyant hairdresser back in the day.  

This is the shake up Pat needs to reflect on his life but will he accept the job. Rita has been a friend but had not been in his life for a long time.  

Take a look at the preview:

He dusts off his hairdressing kit and with it he opens the Pandora box of his life. We see him become who he used to be. 

It is a movie that will make you feel, from his days at the nursing home to his break out of said nursing home as he makes his way across town still undecided about doing Rita’s hair. I did tear up a few times throughout.

Udo Kier’s performance is first class and I love that the ending made me smile – the words “I did it my way” come to mind. 

The movie imagery is artistic and the soundtrack is perfectly paired. The supporting cast is stellar including Jennifer Coolidge, Linda Evans, Michael Urie and Ira Hawkins – but it is really all about Udo. 

Swan Song is written and directed by Todd Stephens and is out in Cinemas Dec 26th 2021. 

Thank you to Icon Film Distribution and Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to watch and review this film.

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