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Right now I am loving Channel 7’s decisions regarding new television shows. Besides the fact that they drag everything out and leave us hanging and waiting for the hottest series to start – I am 100% addicted to Revenge and the upcoming Once Upon a Time TV shows.

I am completely over reality television, and finally we have some truly new shows that push the boundaries in terms of storyline and imagination. While I will be avoiding the resurrection of Big Brother by Channel 9 (some things really should just be left to rest) and the Australian version of The Voice, my eyes will stay glued to the screen for Revenge, Once Upon a Time, Good Christian Bitches and Tricky Business.

Revenge has been screening for a while, and even though the whole point is for Emily to be hard and vengeful – I secretly want her to fall in love with Daniel for real. OK, I’m a sucker for romance. Another favourite is Victoria, I love her home, her clothes and the way she is rocking the character as a slightly more mature woman.

As I said, I’m a sucker for romance so it is little wonder I have fallen in love with Once Upon a Time. Even though the stories are twisted and nothing like I remember as a child, it doesn’t annoy me, I like the fresh perspective.

Jennifer Morrison plays Emma Swan in Once Upon a Time
Jennifer Morrison plays Emma Swan in Once Upon a Time
Josh Dallas plays David Nolan / Prince Charming in Once Upon a Time
Josh Dallas plays David Nolan / Prince Charming in Once Upon a Time

They’ve forgotten who they are, but it will be interesting to see the memories return. Of course there is a villain-ess, the Evil Queen is always there manipulating circumstances and making everyone miserable. The underlying story is based on Snow White and Prince Charming, and the former is quite charming indeed.

Good Christian Bitches is one I haven’t caught a glimpse of just yet, but the controversy surrounding the name makes it all the more tempting to watch. And then there is Tricky Business, an Australian series which stars some of our best local talent.

It seems some of the most successful shows are based on books, Vampire Diaries in particular has developed a huge following amongst teens – and, well, me too! There is something about a bad boy, in theory anyway – and first you wanted Elena to get with Damon. When the tables turned and Stefan became the bad guy you just want Elena to ditch Damon and win Stefan back. And True Blood, the only bad thing about this one is the seasons are way too short!

Speaking of books, The Game of Thrones has a cult following, but honestly I have never read them. The television show of the same name is also growing a steady following but I kept up with it for about five minutes until the incestuous romp between brother and sister. Which reminds me of Camelot which ended on a similar note and was axed shortly after.

In terms of oldies but goodies, I have been following Grey’s Anatomy since the beginning…good old Greys, it always offers some entertainment. The storyline isn’t as gripping as it once was but I will continue watching until there is no more. Gossip Girl is a not so secret shame of mine, I love the fashion but can Blair just marry Chuck already? I’m sticking with it, even though GG is trying to push me away with Dan’s incredibly bad haircut (or lack thereof). Dan, PLEASE cut your hair.

So, what are your favourite shows and what are you impatiently waiting for?

2 thoughts on “Talking TV – Watching, Waiting and Avoiding

  1. Oh Lace, we sit on almost opposite sides of the TV viewing fence. How fabulous! My current guilty…..and I do mean guilty….pleasure is Geordie Shore. It’s the UK version of Jersey Shore and just as tacky, vulgar and fun. Me likey!!

    Now, if you leave Game of Thrones alone, I won’t touch Vampire Diaries 😉

  2. And then there’s me… I don’t watch anything anymore. and it’s only even kids shows in my house these days.
    but my tv viewing wishlist…..

    True Blood – actually i do make time for that and make sure i watch.
    Surpernatural – seriously love the Winchester boys but am now about.. 2.5 seasons behind.
    Revenge i wanted to watch
    Secret Circle
    and… something else on Fox.

    but instead i read and listen to kids shoews 🙂
    Vampire Diaries was another on the must watch list that i have seen i think one episode.

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