Interview: Phebe Starr

Today we have songstress Phebe Starr with us for an interview, read on to find out all about her…

How would you describe your sound?

Indie electro pop!

Tell us a bit about your new single “Feel My Love”…what is it all about?

Feel My Love is a song I wrote about coming to terms with in-perfect love. I am an idealistic, a perfectionist, I’m highly critical of myself and those around me which can sometimes break relationships down.

This song is a celebration of embracing the imperfect. I am learning how to celebrate someone no matter where they are at in life. To celebrate myself and my inability to perfectly communicate the needs of those around me.

How did you get started?

I started writing songs from a very early age, I started playing guitar and piano when I was around 9,10. By 14 or 15 I had contacted every local venue to play music. Most said no but I got my first regular gig at Aanuka beach resort (Coffs Harbour on the midnight coast) I played there until i finished high school. I then moved to Sydney, did the same thing all over again until I started to get noticed on Triple J unearthed.

How does it feel being featured in some of the top magazines?

Anyone that offers support in this industry is my hero. Im incredibly thankful and grateful when people connect with my art on any level.


If you could be on stage with anyone, who would it be?

Jonny Cash or Sufjan Stevens.

When it comes to fashion do you follow trends or go your own way?

When I was young growing up in a country town, I literally had no fear when it came to fashion. I would wear anything. I had a crazy coat collection, I would rock vintage dresses and bright stockings, I wore the most random clothes however I had so much fun. I admire my little boss self for just wearing whatever I wanted. Getting older and having everyones opinions flying around I say to myself ‘What would little Phebe do’ it helps me navigate what I really want to wear without giving in to trends or trying to hard.

What is your number one product for keeping your blonde hair so blonde?

Coconut oil – Keeps my hair healthy. My hair is quiet fair anyway so it lightens pretty easy. Maybe this is a question for my hair dresser? I go to Prema in Surry Hills in Sydney if anyone wants to really find out.

You go between Australia and Los Angeles, how would you compare the two music scenes?

They both feel like home to me now. It’s hard to compare. I love Australia because its smaller and like family. The USA is still new to me so its very exciting.

What is next for Phebe Starr?

I have an E.P due out in the next couple of months. I am headed to the USA again next month for a tour and I am hoping to be back in Australia from July.

Where can we see you perform?

Best to head to my Facebook page and sign up to my mailing list. Im performing all the time. The US for the next couple of months, L.A, Chicago, NYC and then back to Australia.

Give us one quirky fun fact we wouldn’t know about you…

Growing up I had a shetland pony called Icecream.

What does being a woman mean to you?

Being human.

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