Gig Review: EMPRA at Glenelg (SA)

Last night I ventured to Glenelg to catch a gig, this is the first time I went out with every intention of reviewing the set so I was a little nervous. What I should have done was come straight home and sat here to write. I started planning what I wanted to say in the car on the way but it was too late and I didn’t think my fingers would be able to manage what I wanted them to tap out so I headed off to bed thinking I would make a start when I was fresh and rested – except all of my beautifully planned words are now nowhere to be found so I’ll be winging it.

The Jetty Bar is somewhere I hadn’t been before and I think it lacked a little something in the space and set-up for a live show. The stage was only very small, but more about that later. The lighting throughout the area was decent but the stage lighting was positioned in a way that hit the musicians straight in the eyes effectively blinding them to most of the audience. Having said that it was clean, modern and accessible, and it seemed to be quite a big hit with a wide range of people.

empra glenelg

Now on to the acts. We managed to arrive just in time for Angels of Gung Ho to start, they were different. They had a saxophonist and some fabulous sax solos, they are planning to record in the next few months so fans will be able to take their music home. Their sound was enjoyable, it was heartfelt and they were having fun. I know this isn’t doing their set justice and for that I apologise but I was so nervous about the EMPRA set and review to come that I wasn’t paying a great deal of attention. The sax solos were amazing and they are definitely worth checking out.

I was also distracted by the exuberance of a lady sitting at the table behind me in an EMPRA shirt shouting their praises for all in earshot.

EMPRA had the middle set, going on stage at 10.30 and amping the atmosphere up a notch or three.

Sanny and the Matts, otherwise known as EMPRA, are a bit like Benny and the Jets – except cooler, and harder, but every time I think Sanny and the Matts it’s to the tune of Benny and the Jets, don’t ask me why it’s just the way my brain works. And with three Matts in the band I can’t help but think of them as Sanny and the Matts – all of whom I found to be really friendly and approachable. But I digress…

EMPRA take the stage at 10.30 and it takes about 10 seconds to realise that this stage is just not big enough to hold the energy and enthusiasm exerted by these guys. I am hanging out for the day that I can check them out for a full show on a big stage and watch them make the most of every inch. They jumped and screamed and banged their heads and it was fantastic! Sanny could not be contained by the limits the stage wanted to inflict upon him and off he went, guitar in hand and never missing a beat as he played his way through the crowd and returned to take the stage in time to belt out the next chorus.


I bought a CD so that I could listen on the way home (and get the guys to sign it) and I sat playing pick the track with hubby. There was only one song that Sanny actually said was off their debut CD (which I will review for you soon) but they played more than that. The one track we were told is on the CD is ‘Doesn’t Make Much Sense’ and I am listening to it on CD now and it sounds almost exactly the same – but much heavier on the rock live.

This is a set I am so glad I caught, and I wish I had caught them at Enigma Friday night as well. I will definitely be watching out for them next time they play over this way.

Sanny seriously rocks a case of Slash hair and it looks amazing – hubby says that it’s only ‘nearly Slash hair’ but that’s just because Sanny’s isn’t quite as long, and he pushes his off his face, Slash never did that.

These 4 Melbourne men ROCKED the Jetty Bar. They really put all they had into the performance and they were an absolute pleasure to watch and to listen to.

Every song they rocked their hearts out, then it all calmed and just when you thought the song was over they were back with another chorus, harder and louder than before. They involved the audience and they had fun and then for the last song Sanny came back to the floor, this time with his microphone stand and made sure he was in the thick of the fans at the front before heading back to the stage for the big finale.

This is where I went up for a quick photo, CD signing and short chat with a really friendly bunch of guys I can’t wait to see back in Adelaide. Good Luck for the next leg.

Emergency Rule were next to take the stage and they were old school Metallica-esque, both in sound and lead singer look, hubby says a bit of Motorhead sound in there too. They were light on the lyrics and hard on the heavy. Definitely the band you wanted to see close the night because it really meant that the acts got progressively heavier. They had heads banging in the crowd and they were loving it.

A great night out! EMPRA you rock!

4 thoughts on “Gig Review: EMPRA at Glenelg (SA)

  1. Melbourne rockers EMPRA list Weezer as a source of information so they would LOVE to open for Weezer on this tour so they put their heads together and got creative.

    They baked a cake for Chugg Entertainment with an edible icing sheet depicting the Weezer blue album cover with Empra heads and sent it along with an application for tour support.

    They certainly came up with a creative and memorable applicable that saw them presented to Weezer’s management in regard to the tour.

    Congratulations EMPRA on being considered and kudos for your creativity!
    Good Luck!!!

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