All I Need – Jordan Oliver featuring Libby Morell

Jordan Oliver is Australia’s newest Hip Hop prodigy and his new single All I Need which features Libby Morrell was released in late April on Rayzor Records. It is available on iTunes also.

The All I Need single contains the track, the Willstah Remix and instrumentals of both tracks.The four tracks are all variations of the same song yet they sound completely different; they are similar enough that you can recognise that they are all the same song but that’s it.

All I Need is lyrically expressive and tells a story of strength and independence; following your dreams and believing in yourself. It is a powerful and positive message delivered cleanly. The vocals of Jordan and Libby complement each other gorgeously and I am becoming quite enamoured with this track.

jordan oliver hip hop

It really has the power to become an anthem. The beat is catchy, the message is positive, the vocals definitely have an addictive hook and the lyrics are relatable.

This is what Jordan had to say when I asked him about the song in a recent interview: “All I Need is what the lyrics in the song point out. It’s hard in this industry and you won’t make it if you take a knock back as the final answer. All I Need basically describes my thoughts and feelings on that topic, and also life in general.”

Most of us have never tried to make it in the music industry but the lyrics hold true for all aspects of our life. If you want it bad enough only you can make it happen, everything you need is inside of you.

Jordan Oliver is an extremely talented young artist who will be one to watch I think and I would be interested to hear more of what Libby Morell is doing too.

Track Listing

  1. All I need
  2. All I Need (Willstah Remix)
  3. All I Need – Instrumental
  4. All I Need (Willstah Remix) – Instrumental

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