TV: Sex and The City Prequel – The Carrie Diaries

Word is that the CW network has decided to film a pilot of a Sex and the City prequel. This idea isn’t completely far fetched as the author before the hit show, Candice Bushnell has already written the storyline in the Carrie Diaries.

CW are behind Gossip Girl and rumour has it, Blake Lively (who plays Serena) may be looked at for the part of Carrie. Despite making a tidy profit, the Sex and the City 2 movie wasn’t (sorry fans, I’ll put this nicely) very good so for the series to be a success it will need to have some fresh injections.


Before you raise your hands and tell them to stop before they ruin perfectly good memories of the SATC girls, it is safe to say this show won’t be targeted to the original audience but to a new generation of fans. Although, I am a “not so secret” Gossip Girl fan so I will be watching the first episode at least. And while they are casting, here are our ideas:

Carrie: Blake Lively (obviously), Ashley Tisdale, Hayden Panettiere

Charlotte: Rachel Bilson, Selena Gomez, Megan Fox

Samantha: Paris Hilton, Kristen Bell, Amanda Seyfried

Miranda: Emma Stone, Isla Fisher, Deborah Ann Woll

So I am not very good at casting, who do you think should play the young version of the fabulous 4?

2 thoughts on “TV: Sex and The City Prequel – The Carrie Diaries

  1. Would LOVE to see Rachel Bilson (I love her) but I don’t really see her fitting Charlotte’s character.

    Blake Lively – yes, yes and yes.

    I must say I am not thrilled with the idea but I will have to tune into atleast the first episode before I completely judge it!


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