EP Review: Dollars – The 80 Aces

The 80 Aces are an Australian band that show great depth and diversity. The Dollars EP is their new offering and is sure to get toes tapping.

I love this EP because it showcases their versatility well. The EP kicks off with ‘Magic Shoes’, a track very reminiscent of a past age and Jade McLaren’s vocals are perfectly suited to a wide range of styles.

Music and vocals meld well. It’s pretty heavy on the percussion at times and I kept wondering if the vocals were going to get lost in the crashes but McLaren’s voice rings true through it all.

‘Magic Shoes’ is fast paced and catchy with all it’s woo-hoo’s, sure to get you jumping and you’ll be singing along before you know it.

The 80 Aces

‘Never Going Home’ is much lighter and higher but still with some pace, a little more laidback than ‘Magic Shoes’ but still fast and catchy.

I have listened to this EP over and over trying to work out how I want to describe it and what I want to say but I can’t pinpoint the words. It definitely has elements of rock and the catchiness of pop but it is very reminiscent of the vocal stylings of the musical era of the be-bop, doo-wop, woo-hoo, and similar little dittinesses included in backing tracks.

This is catchy and I think should suit the tastes of the rock crowd and the pop fans. I now have to try and ensure I don’t have it running around in my head ALL NIGHT, I have other things to concentrate on at some point.

Track Listing:

Magic Shoes
Never Going Home
Girl From The Future
Office Space


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