Beats and Blips – Marvin Priest

Marvin Priest, hmm that name sounds familiar – why is it ringing memory bells? Because he is the son of the well known reggae superstar Maxi Priest – but he is in no way riding dad’s coat tails with his spectacular debut mini album.

Beats & Blips is an upbeat dance album with a soulful tone, will have you dancing in your seat before you even realise it. The debut solo single ‘Own This Club’ was a smash hit, reaching number 6 on the ARIA singles chart and going double platinum.

Marvin Priest grew up in the music scene, surrounded by talented musicians all across the world so it’s no real surprise to see him break onto the scene himself. His sound and style is a far cry from his dad’s but it didn’t stop them from collaborating on the much more laid back sounds of Work It.

Beats & Blips - Martin Priest
Beats & Blips - Martin Priest

This may only be a mini album consisting of 8 tracks but they certainly make it worth the purchase price! Dance is not my usual genre but I do have relatively broad tastes and am willing to give anything a listen. This is great for a mood lifter and had me desk-chair dancing before I knew it. The sounds are fresh and I think we will definitely be seeing more of Marvin Priest.

Maxi Priest is not the only guest vocalist on Beats & Blips. Marvin also gets together with Fatman Scoop on Feel The Love and Wynter Gordon on Take Me Away.

Behind the scenes were some very well known producers, writers and mixers as well. They include multi Grammy winning mixer Serban Ghenea and a host of others whose combined list of artists they have worked with include Katy Perry, Chris Brown, Kelly Rowland, Guy Sebastian, Kelis Snoop Dogg and Wynter Gordon.

This is a great album to sit back and let Take You Away! Enjoy, I know I sure did.

Track Listing:

01. Own This Club
02. Feel The Love
03. She Got Me
04. Real Love
05. Take Me Away
06. Waiting
07. Work It
08. To Your Heart

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