Novaa – ‘Rose’

At just 19, Novaa is accomplishing big things as a singer, songwriter and producer. With an upcoming EP titled “Stolen Peaches”, she describes her sound as Organic Electronic and has been compared to Björk with a mix of Electronica, Folk and Pop – now that’s quite the combination.


Her new single “Rose” has just been released, and if you are interested to hear just how all these genres combine you can take a listen right here:

When asked about the single Novaa said,

I never liked writing love songs, for me it always was and is an overused topic. But as I came up with the piano and the drums for ‘Rose’, the words and melody immediately came to mind. It is a love song, but I tried to make it a non-human, non-physical one – an ideal kind of love.”

The “Stolen Peaches” EP will be available as a free download from September 2016.


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