Movie Review: A Fire Inside

How do you convince thousands of everyday Australian’s to go out and stand in front of something that could potentially take their life?

A  Fire Inside is a documentary that was filmed during and after the devastating Australian Black Summer fires of 2019/2020.

I knew from the moment I watched the trailer that this documentary was going to be emotive and needs to be seen by all – I feel it changes you. It shines a light on the remarkable volunteers that battled the bushfire emergencies for over 200 days until the rain came and the rebuilding started.  

2019 was one of Australia’s driest years with most of Australia suffering drought conditions, many were concerned when bushfires started in the spring, earlier than ever before. 

What happened shocked us all – relentless and intense fires, like we had never seen before. During these challenging times, A Fire Inside shows the human side of the fires, the volunteers, and the communities impacted.

NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons states, “the largest recognised volunteer fire fighting organisation in the world, most people have no idea that they are not being paid”.

This really hit home to me, the Rural Fire Service, and the amazing and selfless job they do.

Nathan comes from a family of Firefighers, he tells a harrowing tale of driving into an inferno not once but many times to save trapped families but lives with the guilt that his Uncle and Cousin died in these very same fires.

He continued to fight the fires for the 200 days there was no time to grieve, he had a job to do.

The stories continue as volunteers of all walks of life (farmers, pensioners, backpackers, RFS) are interviewed in a sensitive and compassionate manner, they are stories that need to be heard. 

There were moments I teared up and moments I sat in sheer awe of the courage of these people, some that are doing it tough but give to others that may be worse off.

It shines the spotlight on the aftermath, “the true cost to the human spirit” both mentally and communities trying to rebuild during a pandemic.

Directors Justin Krook and Luke Mazzaferro enable us to see the human side of this natural disaster. 

A Fire Inside will be released in Australian cinemas October 7 2021. Rated M.

Thank you to Icon Film Distribution and Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to watch this documentary. 

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