INTERVIEW: Rya Park (Tempus Sun)

Tempus Sun is a six piece Melbourne band with exciting things happening. The band is Andrew Wortes, Rya Park (Lucy Travis), Grant Hardisty, Ed Borromeo, Sean Close and Liam Purser.

After winning the 2016 Melbourne Music Bank Tempus Sun have gone on to release two singles and have a great EP due for release later in the month.

We were able to find out a little about the band and their career in this recent interview.

Hi Rya and welcome to Beauty and Lace, thanks for talking to us.

How did you meet and form the band?

Of course! Ed Borromeo, our lead guitarist, is the founder of Tempus Sun. He wasn’t initially intending on forming a band but asked now keyboardist Grant and male lead singer Andrew to have a bit of a jam. When Andrew couldn’t make a show, I filled in as the singer for their band. There was some miscommunication with the next gig and rehearsal and I was asked back again but Andrew was ready for that next show and I guess I just never left! We then also rounded out the band with Sean on bass and Liam on drums.

You won the 2016 Melbourne Music Bank, what can you tell us about the experience?

Winning the 2016 Melbourne Music Bank was such a crazy experience for us. We entered the competition without any expectations and were so excited when we received the news about being in the top 4. We really couldn’t believe it! And to then find out at Hammer Hall on the final night of the competition that we had actually won, was just incredible. We are so grateful for all the support that the Bank Of Melbourne Prize has offered.

How has the win changed your career?

The win has given us the opportunity to work with some of the most incredible people in the music industry and truly helped us to take our vision and our sound for the Tempus Sun project to that next level! We have grown so much in the last year as a band and have fast-tracked an incredible amount thanks to the prize.

Who writes your songs and where does the inspiration come from?

There are four core songwriters in the band, including myself, Grant, Andrew and Ed. We all have really different inspirations and all enjoy really different kinds of music. I think that that gives us a really interesting and unique way to write songs as we all come from varying musical backgrounds. Ed’s inspirations are more along the instrumental band side of things, Andrew’s influences are singer-songwriters like Ben Howard, Grant has always loved Fleetwood Mac and I am heavily influenced by female pop artists like Florence + The Machine and Lorde.

Gold is the new single, can you tell us a bit about it?

Gold is really about capturing the feelings of timelessness and bliss and we really wanted to evoke moments of euphoria. It is pure happiness. The song is about remembering those special moments in life whether it’s a summer road trip or even a reflection on the first time you met your loved one. It’s a soundtrack to life.

The video is nostalgic and gorgeous, how did you come up with the concept?

We really wanted to capture real people, real love and real friendships. A sense of light and warmth were essential things that we wanted to couple with these. We wanted the visuals to really reflect that sense of nostalgia that is projected in the track. The video captures several groups who are simply living out their everyday life. As well as capturing stand out moments though, we wanted to show real life moments that may have felt ordinary at the time but as the years go on you wish more than anything that you could relive that simple moment.

What was it like working with Andrew Kose and Edwin Tedjokusumo and how did you come to work with them?

It was amazing and inspiring to be working with such talented people. Whenever we had meetings to prepare for the shoot there was always a spark in the room, a kind of energy that you can’t explain. The guys were so enthusiastic and always completely on our wave-length and created a clip from the ground up with us that we are so proud of. They worked so hard on this project and really believed in the song and the concept of capturing those golden memories.

What can you tell us about the self-titled debut EP?

The Tempus Sun EP holds a collection of songs that are powerful, uplifting and inspiring. We’ve created music that the six of us, with all varying musical interests, have fallen in love with. Each track truly has it’s unique fingerprint and own message to tell. As a band, we are really focused on the ways that the instrumentation can make an audience feel as well as the lyrics and meaning to the song. The EP takes you on an emotionally epic journey, where over the space of 5 songs, a listener will feel a complete range of emotions. As it’s our debut, it’s a fingerprint of our sound and our vibe and collection of songs that we feel really reflect Tempus Sun. We can’t wait for you to finally hear it!

You have shows coming up to celebrate the release, what can audiences expect?

Yes we are going on tour! So exciting. We will be heading to Brisbane and Sydney for some shows in late August and our show in Melbourne will be in early September, to launch our EP! The audience can expect lush vocal harmonies, powerful instrumentation and all in all an extremely uplifting and exciting time.

What’s next for Tempus Sun?

We will definitely continue to perform around Melbourne in support of our debut EP but I think we can expect to be heading back into the studio early next year to cook up some new material that we have been working on this year.

Thanks for your time and good luck with the release.

Thank you so much!

You can pre-order Tempus Sun from iTunes now.

Friday 25 August
Tickets: Oztix

Saturday 26 August
Tickets: Brighton Up Bar

Friday 1 September
Tickets: The Evelyn Hotel

You can follow Tempus Sun on Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram, Twitter and YOUTUBE


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