Interview: Ricki Lee

Ricki – Lee is now a household name, and this all started when her career was launched in season 2 of Australian Idol.

Ricki – Lee Coulter was always destined to go further, with her big voice and down to earth personality, she is Australia’s sweetheart.


Things just keep getting better for Ricki – Lee and this month we asked her all about what has been happening:

B&L: Now that you are such a successful singer, is it hard to imagine that you were on Australian Idol? Was it difficult to turn that experience into a long term career?

Ricki-Lee: It’s not really hard to imagine that I was on the show and I am a big fan of the show STILL. I will always be proud to say that I was given my ‘big break’ by Idol….But I DO find it hard to imagine that it was only 3 and a half years ago!! It feels like it was 10 years ago!!! SOOOO much has happened in the last 3 years, I have had some amazing opportunities to live out my dreams, and do things I NEVER would have dreamed of.

I think a lot of the success I have had has come from pushing the boundaries a little bit with my music and not doing the ‘obvious’ or what everyone else is doing…and also by not dong everything the ‘conventional’ way.

I’m not with one of the hot shot managers that everyone else is with – I have an amazing young manager who has worked with me basically since the beginning of this whole journey- and she is AMAZING – we are the BEST team!!! We are both on the same page, have the same passion to achieve, we set our standards high and don’t settle for anything less, we have the same visions for where we want it to go, creatively we come up with MAGIC – she inspires me, I inspire her, and we get results!  I think it’s really cool that two young chicks are the brains behind this success in such a MAN’s world!!!

I also chose to sign with an independent record label and that has been one of the smartest decisions I have ever made. I have complete control over my music, my image, my profile, who I work with – and to me, that is the difference.  At the end of the day it is about creating great music – not trying to make a quick buck.  Someone once told me the following:  Hard work = a good result…..a good product = respect….. respect = longevity!! You have to do things for the right reasons, you have to work hard and never take it for granted – and that is the key to longevity.

B&L: Is life any different now that you are a married woman?

Ricki-Lee: No, not at all.  We’ve been together 7 years now…we kind of knew what we were in for with each other before we got married!!!

B&L: What advice would you give to young women who are looking for a career in the music industry?

Ricki-Lee: BE PREPARED!!! I would say go for it but be very wary that it isn’t what it seems. Everyone seems to think that it is SO glamorous….but to be honest there is only about 10% glamour and the other 90% is DAMN HARD WORK!!!

You have to remember that this is a business. You can’t just be a singer or a pretty face…you’ve got to have your finger on the pulse, be savvy, be creative, be smart, be involved, get your hands dirty and really understand the business your in otherwise it will chew you up and spit you out!!! It’s a fierce industry and you have to always remember that as quickly as this amazing opportunity is presented to you – it can be taken away ten times quicker!!!

B&L: How would you describe your fashion style?

Ricki-Lee: In one word – GLAMOROUS!

B&L: What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever said to you?

Ricki-Lee: CAN YOU SIGN MY ROCK……(and they put a rock in my hand to sign….just a plain rock)


B&L: What 3 make up items can’t you live without?

Ricki-Lee: Well, it has to be four – but only because I need to curl my lashes before mascara with the MAC Eyelash Curler and THEN apply my DIORSHOW Waterproof Mascara… Some MAC ‘Peachy-Keen’ Blusher on my cheeks (which can also double as an eyeshadow) and my Yves Saint Laurent Radiant Touch highlighter pen under the eye!!!

B&L: Favourite songs right now?

Until The End Of Time, Losing My Way, My Love by Justin Timberlake
No One by Alicia Keys
I Never Liked You by Rogue Traders
Bleeding Love  by Leona Lewis
Don’t Stop The Music by Rihanna
20 Good Reasons by Thirsty Merc
Me Love by Sean Kingston
They are the MOST played songs on my iPod!!!

B&L: How do you like to relax?

Ricki-Lee: I jump on a plane up to the Gold Coast and spend a couple of days up at home. We live out on 25 acres, so there is no noise, no neighbours, no traffic – just peace and quiet.  I love just doing NOTHING! Watching TV and DVD’s on the couch with my husband!!!

B&L: What’s next for Ricki-Lee?

Ricki-Lee: Oh goodness there’s SO much!  I’m doing my FIRST EVER solo tour this year in March – so that is very exciting for me! I’m doing It Takes Two. We are releasing the 3rd single from my album ‘Brand New Day’ which is called “Can’t Sing A Different Song” and the video is AMAZING – I love it!!!

We are releasing my album in Japan, and also in the UK/Europe through iconic dance label Ministry Of Sound!!!  2008 will definitely include trips to Japan, UK & Europe to promote my album over there!!! I will start writing my 3rd album later this year whilst I am overseas…Then I guess the process starts again with releasing album #3!!!

Eventually I’d love to settle down a little and have kids…but I think that is at least another 3-5 years away!!! I wanna give this my best shot and then I won’t regret or feel guilty about sitting back and becoming a mum.  Check out for all my updates!

B&L: What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Ricki-Lee: Oh there have been so many! Going overseas for the first time and working with the world’s most amazing writers and producers. Watching “Can’t Touch It’ debut at #2 on the charts and stick around in the top 10 for MONTHS!!!

Going back to perform on Australian Idol after 3 years! Receiving my Gold plaques for my first album and first 3 singles and also for “Cant’ Touch It”. Winning favourite female artist at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards…..there are just so many…..

But, I think holding the finished product and FIRST EVER PRESSED copy of “Brand New Day” was a pretty epic moment for me.  I can’t begin to explain what went into creating that album. It is my heart and soul and I was so proud to hold it in my hands after 12months of gruelling and intense work. Making it almost sent me over the edge and possibly to the front door of the nut-house….but it’s AMAZING and I am so PROUD of what I created!

Another highlight was definitely performing “Can’t Touch It” on the Red Carpet of The Aria’s!!!!! Now that is a dream come true!!! I have dreamt of performing at the ARIAS for years….and to finally do it was UNBELIEVABLE! I can’t even explain that feeling.

B&L: Where do you get your inspiration and who are your role models?

Ricki-Lee: I get inspired by so many things every single day. Things I see every day, conversations, arguments, day to day occurrences, good days, bad days, loneliness, happiness, anger, anxiety, pressure, relationships……EVERYTHING.

I am inspired by so many people to be better at what I do – my biggest inspirations at the moment are Justin Timberlake and Beyonce. They are the king and queen to me!  They can sing, they can dance, they can act, they are hot, they work hard, they push the boundaries and set the bar for people to follow, they are amazing songwriters….they seem to have EVERYTHING….yet they still seem down to earth!

You never see Beyonce stumbling out of a club drunk and on drugs without underwear on – nor do you see Justin Timberlake pashing 5 chicks in a club. You never hear them slagging anyone in the media…They are composed and somewhat mysterious and that fascinates me!

B&L: What does being a woman mean to you?

Ricki-Lee: Strength, confidence and independence.

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