EP Review: Kill Your Darlings (Loud So Clear)

Recently we interviewed Loud So Clear in the lead up to their EP launch gig and I let my fingers do the walking and purchased a copy of the EP. I have listened to it on and off over the last week but never had the chance to sit and give it my full attention.

Finally I have a quiet and peaceful house that will allow me to listen and appreciate rather than just have music in the background.

Our interview with Ryan was enough for me to go buy the EP because I was confident it would be something I would enjoy, and I certainly have not been disappointed.

Kill Your Darlings is four short songs that I actually think would be best played LOUD… but I have a house full of sleeping people so it’s been much more subdued than that.

LSC album cover

Loud So Clear have a great vibe, this EP reminds me of many great nights out immersed in the live music scene. It rocks yet it’s still catchy with some great guitar and epic drum work by Nak. Listening to Kill Your Darlings has me itching to head out and see them live, a little difficult being cross-country but details smetails, and wishing I had been able to catch the launch gig earlier this month.

Ryan likened their sound to 90s rock and I would have to agree, but it’s also fresh. The lyrics are catchy but where my head is at the moment they’re not actually memorable. I don’t quite know how that works but I’m guessing it has more to do with my headspace than the lyrics. There are definitely earworms here for the taking. The longer I sit here listening the more my mind is taking me to a dark and atmospheric venue with a pumping crowd and energetic stage show. (That, too, could just be my desire for escape today).

Definitely check out Loud So Clear and Kill Your Darlings if you like your music with a thumping rhythm and catchy hook, you won’t be disappointed. And if you’re lucky enough to have them play live near you then I would definitely be going to check them out.

Kill Your Darlings can be purchased digitally from iTunes, Google Play, CD Baby and all good streaming sites. If you want a physical CD contact the band through LoudSoClear.com.

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