EP Review and Tour Announcement: Strange Condition – EMPRA

EMPRA have finally released some new material, and tour dates, which made me one very happy little music lover. On release day I bought the EP and hit Play immediately, soon followed by Repeat. I had every intention of writing the review on release day and getting the word out as soon as I could. Instead, I have kept it on repeat since Thursday and been so busy listening, and giggling at my kids singing along, that the review totally slipped my mind. I plan to rectify this today and I will not be moving from this chair until I finish telling you all about Strange Condition, the new EMPRA EP.

Sanny Valoo and his band of Matts have been extremely busy in the lead up to this EP, most recently performing in Singapore with Fall Out Boy. They were also nominated, and shortlisted, for a Vanda & Young songwriting award and earlier this year won a global LiveNation band competition which saw them perform in the US. Through all of this exciting career and character building experience and exposure they have managed to get into the studio with Haydn Ing of Calling All Cars.

Just as exciting as a new EP that I can listen to over and over again, until both my children know all the words, is the announcement of new tour dates. I have been waiting for EMPRA to head back our way so this news made my day, unfortunately I can’t say the same for Miss 9 who is disappointed that she’s too young for the venue. I will be sure to add all tour dates at the bottom of this post.

Strange Condition brings together four brand new tracks and a Live recording of fan favourite Only Love. It is certainly a favourite in my house.

Actually, allow me to digress for a moment… one of the things I love the most about EMPRA is that they are rockers and you can really get into the music, the sound, the instruments and I have absolutely no apprehension letting my kids listen. They love rock as much as their parents which I think is great… until they are singing along belting out their latest favourite and drop an F bomb, or worse. I don’t worry about that with EMPRA and for that I thank them.

The title track, Strange Condition, tells us that EMPRA have taken their music to the next level. The sound is different, the feel is different but right from the first listen I loved it. The more I listen I still think that this EP is more melodious, it very much retains the rock vibe that attracted me to them originally and now that encompasses more melodies as well.


The Chronicles of Office Politics is a song that I can see becoming quite anthemic, one that is sure to resonate with those working in a ‘9 to 5’ dreaming of bigger things.

Call In Sick is my favourite I think, a very hard choice to make but that’s the one I keep coming back to. We all have days we would love to call in sick and just bask in the connection we have with a loved one and that’s what this is all about. Make the most of what you’ve got and don’t take anything for granted.

Yours Sincerely is a great feel good track that pays tribute to being young and having the future ahead of you, being able to make of it what you want but also living in the present and making the most of every day.

The EP is rounded out by Only Love recorded Live at Revolver Bandroom and it captures the emotion of the song and belts it out beautifully.

Strange Condition is a must have for EMPRA fans, Australian music fans, rock fans and appreciaters of good music. It’s been on repeat for 5 days and I can’t see it coming off any time soon.

Get your copy today and then check out the Tour Dates below because you may just find yourself itching to catch them live. I know I am.

EMPRA: The Strange Condition Tour

Saturday 21st September
The Workers Club
with special guests: Dead City Ruins & Drifter

Sunday 22nd September
The Workers Club
with special guests: The Demon Parade and Palace of the King

Sunday 29th September
The Rosemount Hotel
with special guests: Hailmary & Ragdoll

Friday 4th October
Newmarket Hotel, Bendigo
with special guests: Blackbird & Andrew Swift & The Rattlesnake Choir

Saturday 5th October
Crown and Anchor
with special guests Lipsmack & Angels of Gung Ho

Thursday 10th October
The Annandale Hotel
with special guests Bonez, Delorean Tide & Vida Cain

Tickets for the tour on sale August 21 at the EMPRA website.

Strange Condition is available now from iTunes

The clip for Strange Condition was created by Oh Yeah Wow (Gotye, British India) and is an attention grabber. If you want to check out the clip for strange condition you can find it on YouTube.

To keep up to date with all the EMPRA news you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter as well as at their website.

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