Album Review: The Spirit Indestructible – Nelly Furtado

The Spirit Indestructible is Nelly Furtado’s fourth studio album recorded in English, it is a very honest and heartfelt album that speaks of nostalgia and important moments in Nelly’s life.

The sound is big and vibrant as it draws you in to the emotional journey through Nelly’s life. From Waiting For The Night inspired by the diary of a 16 year old with a serious crush to Bucket List  which looks at life goals and personal relationships.

Snatches of conversation and fun-times with other musicians involved on the album before or after tracks lends an authenticity and demonstrates the enjoyment Nelly Furtado felt making this album.

The Spirit Indestructible combines a diverse range of sounds and includes some big name producers as well as vocally. Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins produces eight tracks on the album and in an interesting twist that speaks to the nostalgia of the album he is also responsible for creating many of Nelly’s favourite 90’s tracks.

Also producing on the album are Salaam Remi, Mike Angelakos, Bob Rock and Rick Knowles. The sound goes from a pure pop to a more hip hop feel.

nelly furtado

Sara Tavares lends her sweetly angelic vocals to The Most Beautiful Thing; Nas appears on Something and Ace Primo on High Life.

The title track speaks of humanity and the ability to overcome adversity, on a personal level as well as a much broader scope, and what better way encapsulate an album that was inspired by so many meaningful moments in life.

Furtado has described the sound on The Spirit Indestructible as sharing the most similarities with her 2001 debut Whoa, Nelly! It is an eclectic mix bringing together elements of hip hop, R&B, dance, rock and pop and one that I quite enjoyed, more than I would have expected.

Track Listing:

1.   Spirit Indestructible
2.   Big Hoops (Bigger the Better)
3.   High Life (featuring Ace Primo)
4.   Parking Lot
5.   Something (featuring Nas)
6.   Bucket List
7.   The Most Beautiful Thing (featuring Sara Tavares)
8.   Waiting for the Night
9.    Miracles
10. Circles
11.  Enemy
12.  Believers (Arab Spring)


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