Album Review: Push and Shove – No Doubt

Push and Shove is the latest release album from the very talented No Doubt. This is their sixth studio album and with their previous release being in 2001 Push and Shove is a comeback album.

Gwen Stefani has an extremely distinctive voice which identifies this music as No Doubt very quickly but it also  means I’m a little torn about whether I want to say this has that No Doubt sound or if it’s just Stefani’s voice making me identify this album with their previous work.

The  sound is more mature than I remember from earlier No Doubt and hope this is the beginning of a whole new era for the band. Push and Shove is a mixture of powerful ballads and upbeat tracks.

push and shove

I am quite enjoying Push and Shove, it is catchy and energetic, the ballads are beautiful and there are moments when I’m left thinking of Stefani’s solo ballad ‘Cool’.

Reviews have been quite mixed for this album so basically everyone is going to take something different from it, I like it but some of you may not.

Lyrically I think No Doubt demonstrates that they have grown up with this album and there are things I like about all 11 tracks. There is also that brand of slang that I remember from Stefani’s solo stuff that I personally am not a fan of but does seem to be getting a lot of use in the world these days.

Track Listing

Settle Down
Looking Hot
One More Summer
Push and Shove (featuring Busy Signal and Major Lazer)
Dreaming the Same Dream

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