Album Review: Hello My Name Is… Bridgit Mendler

Tweens, early teens and lovers of the Disney channel will already be quite familiar with Bridgit Mendler and her voice from her roles on Wizards of Waverly Place and Good Luck Charlie.

Disney has released many a pop princess into the mainstream music scene going back a long way and Bridgit Mendler is next in line with her debut release Hello My Name Is…

This is an album that I am sure my Miss 9 would absolutely love, it’s very radio friendly and Mendler does have a great set of vocal chords. This album is very mainstream and there is not much that sets it apart from all of the pop princesses already well known to the public.

In addition to acting and singing Mendler is also a songwriter and is given songwriting credit on all of the tracks contained on Hello My Name Is…

bridgit mendler

There is a range of sounds on the album showcasing the diversity of Mendler’s voice, we have some rap, reggae, ballads and upbeat happy pop. Not every song will jump out at you and get stuck in your head but there are no terrible tracks either. It is a poppy safe debut¬† that begs comparison to some of her Disney stablemates and other contemporary female artists.

Lyrically there are tracks that send a a beautiful positive message and my favourite from that perspective is City Lights:

Every time
That you think you’ve lost your shine
Just remember nothing’s brighter
You’re the city lights.”

Quite an enjoyable album that I think could be a hit if it finds its audience, I haven’t seen any advertising for it yet. I am pretty certain it’s going to be quite the hit in my house. It features the singles ‘Ready Or Not’, ‘Hurricane’ and ‘Forgot to Laugh’.

Track Listing

1. Ready Or Not
2. Forgot To Laugh
3. Top Of The World
4. Hurricane
5. City Lights
6. All I See Is Gold
7. The Fall Song
8. Love will Tell Us Where To Go
9. Blonde
10. Rocks At My Window
11. 5:15
12. Hold On For Dear Love

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