10 Classic Crime Shows Worth Watching in 2024

If you’re looking for a new crime series to sink your teeth into, look to the past.

Here are 10 classic dramas that you may have missed the first time around:

1. Law and Order: SVU

This long-running series follows a team of detectives in the Special Victims Unit as they investigate and solve heinous crimes. Many of these cases are based on true events.

Who can forget the opening line and the iconic “dun-dun” sound?

Law and Order: SVU stars Mariska Hargitay, Christopher Meloni and Ice-T.

You can watch it in Australia on Binge or Foxtel.

2. Mindhunter

Based on true events, this gripping series follows two FBI agents as they interview and study some of the most notorious serial killers in history.

The show has rave reviews and ran for two seasons before its cancellation. Stars Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany and Anna Torv.

You can watch Mindhunter on Netflix.

3. Breaking Bad

This award-winning show follows a high school chemistry teacher who turns to a life of crime to secure his family’s financial future. With a crime lab in the back of an RV and a growing list of underworld connections — you can only imagine what comes next.

The internet is buzzing with rumours of a new series called “Heisenberg” that focuses on Walt Jnr, leading in his father’s footsteps. As of now, this is just a pipedream and has not been confirmed.

Breaking Bad stars Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Anna Gunn.

Watch Breaking Bad on Stan or Apple TV. Also watch the spin-off, Better Call Saul.

4. Sherlock

This is a modern adaptation of the classic detective novel by Arthur Conan Doyle. It follows the brilliant Sherlock Holmes and his partner John Watson as they solve intriguing mysteries.

Set in London, this has all the elements you’d expect in a whodunit series.

Sherlock stars Mark Gatiss, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

Watch it on Apple TV or Stan in Australia.

5. Narcos

This crime drama tells the story of the rise and fall of notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar and the DEA agents who pursued him. The show has three action-packed seasons and a spin-off series.

Stars Wagner Moura, Pedro Pascal and Boyd Holbrook.

If you like Narcos, you’ll also love Griselda starring Sofía Vergara. Both are available on Netflix.

6. The Wire

Set in Baltimore, this critically acclaimed show explores the city’s drug trade, corruption, and law enforcement through the perspectives of both criminals and police.

The series kicked off back in 2002.

The Wire stars Dominic West, Lance Reddick and Sonja Sohn.

Watch The Wire on Binge or Foxtel in Australia.

7. Fargo

This darkly comedic anthology series is inspired by the Coen Brothers’ film of the same name and follows a different set of characters and crimes each season.

Put on your cowboy hat and strap yourself in for a wild midwestern ride. Technically, Fargo hasn’t been cancelled yet, but there is no confirmation of a Season 6 at this time.

There’s a stellar cast that includes Jon Hamm, Kirsten Dunst and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Watch Fargo on SBS on Demand in Australia.

8. Criminal Minds

A team of FBI profilers use their expertise to catch some of the most dangerous and elusive criminals in the US.

The series takes a dive into twisted minds and the behavioural analysts who try to predict their next moves. It originally aired in 2005 and ended in 2020. However, due to popular demand, the series was revived in 2022.

The cast includes Mandy Patinkin, Thomas Gibson, Lola Glaudini and A.J. Cook.

Watch Criminal Minds on Disney+ and Paramount+ in Australia.

9. True Detective

Each season of this anthology series follows a different investigation, showcasing the toll that solving crimes takes on the detectives involved.

The series created by Nic Pizzolatto has been revived for a fifth season.

The cast includes Woody Harrelson, Matthew McConaughey, Jodie Foster and Alexandra Daddario.

Watch True Detective on Binge in Australia.

10. Dexter

This one-of-a-kind show follows a forensic blood spatter analyst who happens to be a vigilante serial killer. Over 8 seasons, Dexter Morgan targets criminals who have escaped justice — and a trail of destruction follows.

Despite the success of the original series, the 2021 spin-off Dexter: New Blood had mixed reviews. It didn’t get renewed for a second season.

The cast of Dexter includes Michael C Hall, Jennifer Carpenter and David Zayas.

Watch it in Australia at Paramount+.

Now that’s a wrap. What are your favourite classic crime shows? Let us know in the comments section below.

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