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For many of us the affair with Johnny Depp began way back on 21 Jump Street. Okay, so I use the word affair loosely but I know there was one going on in my imagination in the Jump Street days.

Many years have gone by since then, and almost as many roles. I thought that I had seen most of Johnny Depp’s movies but it seems I was mistaken, there are quite a few that I didn’t even consider and I don’t think I have seen to this day. After watching the Top Ten Johnny Depp Movies video below I think that may change – I will definitely be watching out for them in the TV guide.

If I was to go check out a complete list of roles that Johnny Depp has ever played there would be lots, and I can guarantee there would be quite a heated debate about which were the best and which were the worst.

VIDEO: Top 10 Johnny Depp Films

Did you know that his film debut came in 1984 with his role in Nightmare On Elm Street, even before he played officer Tom Hanson in 21 Jump Street?

Check out this video countdown of the Top Ten Johnny Depp Performances and see what you think. I am not sure that I agree. There are so many performances that I rate higher than some of these.

There are a couple of performances in this video that feature the sexy voice of Mr Depp, whom I often forget dropped out of school to become a rock star. He was advised to switch to acting by Nicolas Cage and the long and diverse career he has built in the past 20 something years, with some extremely memorable roles, makes me glad that he took the advice.

Johnny Depp is an extraordinarily talented and exceptionally hot man who has a timeless and ageless quality that has just seen him get better through the years. He has proven he can pull off every genre and I am always intrigued to see what he will try next.

Speaking of what’s next for Johnny Depp…..

In his 8th collaboration with the quirky Tim Burton Johnny Depp plays Barnabas Collins in the silver screen adaptation of 70’s Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows.

This is a movie that I am dying to see in all its camp 70’s finery with Johnny Depp playing a centuries old vampire buried alive and accidentally unearthed in 1972.

To see if this is a movie up your dark alley, check out this review. I don’t know about anyone else but everything I see just leaves me more impatient to book a sitter and head to the cinema.

The winner of our Johnny Depp competition is Charmaine Campbell! Thank you for watching the videos!


75 thoughts on “Talk Johnny Depp

  1. I agree with the top 10.. Favourite Johnny Depp movie of all time is Edward Scissorhands and will def be seeing Dark Shadows

  2. HAS to be the Pirates of the Caribbean series!!!
    Loves the way he runs and minces hehe ๐Ÿ™‚
    Great laughs and dresses up well!

  3. I agree with Melissa! Edward Scissorhands is my first and favourite Johnny movie! Willy Wonka is my least, where did the sexy go!?! LOL

  4. I LOVE Johnny Depp. I think he is the most talented actor, he is beautiful, and he is clever enough to somehow avoid the public eye and not be in the media for the wrong reasons.
    My favourite Johnny Depp films are What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, and Edward Scissorhands.

  5. He’s such a fantastic actor in whatever role he is in but I really enjoyed watching him create the character of Captain Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. Never tire of that film, always laughing at his antics.
    The top 10 certainly are the best.
    Dark Shadows is certainly intriguing.

  6. edward scissorhands!! i will pass on the twilght edward and go straight for the original pale faced hunk.

  7. There are a few others I would have put in his top ten like Chocolat and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sleepy Hollow and Finding Neverland.
    I fell in love with Johnny back in the 21 Jump Street Days and couldn’t wait for Saturday Night to roll around to get my JD fix.

    My favourite would be Charlie and The Chocolate factory (for the quirkiness that he brings) and Chocolate (for his hotness).

    I can’t wait to see Dark Shadows and I’ll even go to the pictures on my own to see it. He seems to have a natural gift for the quirky roles he takes on.

  8. Pirates of the Carribean, How he puts his own touches on his character , the most unlikely hero and pirate is his best acting yet. Tim Burton always seems to bring the best out of Depp.

  9. Portraying Sweeney Todd, one sees a darker character than his usual acting roles. Additionally, we get to witness his return to singing in a movie, along with Johnny Depp’s acting skills.

  10. For sure some great movies,
    from the “FAMOUS” Johnny Depp.
    Not sure that I would say, I like all of this top ten.
    BUT…….I SOOOOOO…. .agree with number ONE……CAPTIAN JACK SPARROW.
    Johnny’s part as Captain, will always be………… NOTHING BUT……. “AWESOME”.
    He play’s the part so well. Johnny adapt’s well to ALL his character’s, In every…….single movie he has been in.
    Will I see Johnny’s NEW movie……….. DARK SHADOW………….ABSOLUTELY, NO DOUBT, DEFINITELY;….. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. It’s a toss up I love Benny and Joon but I also love What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. They are both amazing movies and Johnny plays such amazing characters in both.
    I like his Tim Burton collaborations and his characters are always quirky and fun, but the two movies I chose have a depth and a meaning to them I find had to go past.
    I will be seeing Dark Shadows, I think it looks like a fun movie and will be worth a laugh. I love my vampire movies and this looks like it might be a light hearted approach to a subject that is very much in the forefront of pop culture today.

  12. Benny and Joon. I loved it! It’s sweet and troubling at the same time with just a touch of humour! It’s about looking at the world differently. It’s the first movie I saw him in and the one I like the best!

  13. I love Captain Jack, how could you not?! But my favourite would be Edward Scissorhands, he was amazing and so vulnerable in that one. I can’t wait to see him in Dark Shadows, he brings such a wonderful quirkiness to all his performances, even when playing it straight!

  14. Johnny Depp is not only gorgeous but such a versatile and amazing actor. I loved the twistedness of Sweeney Todd and you can’t pass up his Captain Jack especially when u visit Disneyland and actually think it is him in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

  15. Depp’s greatest performance is in Jim Jarmusch’s black and white opus ‘Dead Man’, released in the 90s.
    It’s stark and brutal at times, but utterly unforgettable

  16. My favourite is a somewhat obscure movie – “When the River Bends – Tales of a Gypsy Caravan”. Johnny Depp was impossibly sexy in it.
    Not sure about whether I’ll see these movies as yet.

  17. I actually loved Johnny Depp in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, and also The Tourist, wasnt much of a fan of Angelina Jolie, but Depp is brilliant in any film any genre and any roll. He is hugely adaptable and that is what makes him a magnificent actor.
    I have always loved his quirkiness and of course his sexiness.

  18. Finding Neverland. A straight role for Johnny where he didn’t need to channel Keith Richards or anyone else…and…a movie where I actually cried – I DON’T cry watching movies but this one…

  19. I’m split between Blow and Pirates Of The Carribean as he is awesome in both. I like how his look is so diverse as he can change his look so easily to suit his performance. I think he will be great in Dark Shadows. I do have to say though that I recently went to watch The Rum Diaries not long ago and it was incredibly boring. We left halfway. Otherwise, this is the only movie that Johnny has been in that I have’nt enjoyed. He is one of the best male actors around.

  20. I’m going to go out on a limb and say Benny & Joon – a beautiful love story of two eccentric folk finding a connection despite the odds. I don’t believe it broke any box office records but I found the film so charming and him so sensitive and gorgeous in that role and watched it over and over again.

  21. I love Johnny Depp, and the fact that he is never afraid of taking different types of roles, with dressing up so he is completely unrecognisable, and make a complete fool of himself.
    My favourite movies of all times, would have to be the Pirate of the Carabean movies, where he plays Captain Jack Sparrow so well, I bought the DVDs and watched them countless of times, yet he still manages to make me laugh.
    And I love that we never hear any of all that Hollywood gossip or scandals about Depp, he does his moivies and when off, he keeps to himself. He truly is my all time movie hero.

    Dark Shadows….I’ll definitely be watching it. Cant wait in fact!!

  22. Love all the Pirates of the Carribean film, but thought his performance in “Secret Window” was brilliant.

  23. I will definitely be going to see Dark Shadows. I love Depp, some of the top ten I will be seeing also and weren’t aware of. My fave would have to be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, his version was impecable and unique and one I absolutely love.

  24. I love Johnny Depp at the best of times regardless what he does, but an absolute stellar performance in Alice In Wonderland

  25. Great top 10. Cry baby is my favourite though. My boyfriend thinks i’m mental and refuses to stay in the house when i put it on as i love to sing along!!!

    I’ve seen it about 100 times so he may have a point….hehe

  26. The top 10 is pretty right although I think “Edward Scissorhands” should probably be number 1. I love Johnny Depp, his acting and his beautiful face make his very watchable. The one exception in my opinion was “Charlie and the chocolate factory”, which I thought was plain creepy! I loved him for his hotness in “Don Juan Demarco” and “Once upon a time in Mexico” and was touched by the poignancy of his acting in “Edward Scissorhands” and “What’s eating Gilbert Grape.” Sleepy Hollow is another one that I enjoyed him in.
    I will take my Mum to see Dark Shadows, we are both huge fans of Johnny!

  27. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)- Willy Wonka was my favorite.I will take my daughter to see the movie:)

  28. Definately Edward scissor hands. Especially the scene with the ice sculping when it looked like snow. I will ne going to see this new film. Its strange and slightly twisted…right up my alley

  29. my favourite Johnny Depp movie of all time is the Pirates of the Carribean series and I haven’ t decided yet whether I am going to see Dark Shadows. Would like to see its reviews b4 I go.

  30. I loved him in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. I don’t think I want to see Dark Shadows though – not really my thing

  31. I loved his character in ‘Chocolat’ – the exotic gypsy who charms a chocolate-making single Mum (Juliette Binoche). Crikey, he was even more delectable than the chocolates Binoche’s character lovingly created. Not sure about his new film – not a fan of vampires and the like…

  32. Pirates of the Caribbean The Black Pearl because he is just so funny in it, I love it!

  33. My Favourite Sweeney Todd , it’s the first time I hear Johhny sing, and this film is so strange, yet sad, violent, and historical I’ve seen, then the all time favourite Captain Jack Sparrow, from Pirates of the Carribean, how can you top that, until his next film …

  34. He is SOOO versatile. I cannot believe he has been in so many films and every time he shows us a different side of him.
    I loved CryBaby but its fitting that Pirates of the Caribbean takes out number 1

  35. His performance in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape was really captivating and believable, but overall I totally love him as the spunky and hilarious Captain Jack Sparrow in The Pirates of the Caribbean movies so they’re my fave in the Johnny Depp department, lol!


  36. Great top 10 – what an amazing actor Johnny is. His performance as Captain Sparrow is just the funniest and my favourite – so over the top. Really looking forward to seeing Dark Shadows – all his works with Tim Burton have been terrific.

  37. I did know he stared in Nightmare on Elm Street as it’s one of my all time favourite movies. Oh poor poor Johnny, what have you become of late. My advice: back away from Tim Burton. Every film he has made with him so far has been such a disappointment and I love Tim Burton and I love Johnny Depp but together they are crap. Bring back the stunner that we loved and wanted to marry I say. Do I agree with the top ten: hmmm some yes and some no. I will admit I have not seen all that is on the list so my reference is not acceptable. My favourite all time Depp duo is Wynona and Johnny in the beautiful Edward Scissorhands. A masterpiece that will live forever, just like Edward.

  38. Even though I totally dislike the show Alice in Wonderland His portrayal of the Mad Hatter was brilliant. It should have been worthy of a comment. Maybe they should have had a top 20 titles as he has acted or spoken in at least 50 productions/shows.

  39. It’s too hard to choose, Pirates, Benny and Joon and Cry Baby are my favourites, i just saw Dark Shadows, it was great…i couldn’t believe Alice Cooper was in it, i love him too!

  40. I love Johnny Depp and have since his 21 Jump St days! I agree that he is perfect in his role as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Carribean. However, I do believe his performance in Donny Brasco is his best “non weird”, non Tim Burton or straight role he has ever produced! I will certainly be seeing Dark Shadows!

  41. I watch FINDING NEVERLAND and I just sob. It’s such a beautiful & emotional movie.

    DARK SHADOWS in on my list. It’s a Burton & Depp extravaganza after all.

  42. He is so awesome!! I love his movies because he is so versatile. I cannot wait to see dark shadows either, I kind of love creepy movies. I agree with the list, his character in Pirates should be number one!

  43. As blonde as a god
    He’s sexy in Blow
    But the best of his films…
    I don’t really know!

    A lover of horror
    And a huge fan of Depp
    His venture’s with Burton
    I will not side step

    My favourite of John’s
    You may find hard to swallow
    But I love the dark side
    Of the film Sleepy Hollow

    LOOOOVE Johnny Depp! Love his collaborations with Burton as their always dark and a little bit twisted!

    I’ll definetly be seeing Dark Shadows as it has all of my favourites: A bit of horror, Some great acting and a dash of Mr Depp ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. I agree with the top 10, and my fav is Pirates – he’s such a great Sparrow :). I’ve been a fan since 21 Jump Street! And I’ll definitely be going to see Dark Shadows.

  45. Who can possibly go past the inept yet adorable Captain Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean??? Equal parts of wittiness, natural lack of style and sexy charisma.

    But I must mention Edward Scissorhands as my second favourite movie – his guilelessness and vulnerability in that wanted me to hug him (despite the hands…).

    I’ve loved Johnny Depp for ages – one of the most versatile and talented actors ever – not too bad on the eye either.

    Of course I will be going to see Dark Shadows – I’ve seen the previews on TV. Yet another Depp/Burton/Botham-Carter collaboration.

  46. My favourity is Edward scissorhands, I realy like the quirkiness of this it was directed by Tim Burton I cant wait to see Dark Shadows for another dose of quirkiness!!

  47. Agree with the Top 10 & love Pirates of the Caribbean. Johnny Depp is one of the most talented,versatile actors around & isn’t afraid of the weird & wonderful. I’m looking forward to seeing Dark Shadows.

  48. Who doesn’t love Johnny Depp? He’s an excellent actor, can do virtually anything. My favourite Johnny movie are the Pirates of the Caribbean series, His quirkiness comes out in this movie perfectly. It’s almost a perfect role for him as you can’t really figure out whether he’s tipsy or just himself. He’s gorgeous to look at and yes going to see Dark Shadows this weekend and absolutely can’t wait ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. Depp is an all time favourite for his kooky roles that he has played over time, while I dont agree fully with the top 10 they really have nailed the top two. Jack Sparrow and Edward Scissorhands really do show some of his diversity. My favourite still would have to be Ed Scissorhands, classic, funny, romantic and always a good watch. Definately looking forward to watching Dark Shadows!

  50. I didn’t like the storyline of some of his movies but there is never any doubt over his ability to become his characters. He transforms with every role he plays. I do agree with Captain Jack Sparrow taking out the top spot as he maintained this character for 3 movies.

  51. What a talent. I think that the list is quite good but then it doesn’t include my favourite performance which is in Don Juan DeMarco, a movie that never fails to make me smile!

    I disagree with a previous post in regard to the Depp/Burton collaboration. Personally I find them brilliant, a little on the dark side but for me that just makes them more enjoyable and I love the fact that no matter how often I watch them, every viewing will have me discovering something that I missed the last time.

    It really doesn’t matter if the movie isn’t that great, you can be guaranteed of a brilliant performance from Johnny Depp every single time. If I could remove one movie from the list it would be Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas…I just didn’t get it….the portrayal of the character was fantastic,,,,but I just could not get into the movie…having said that I am sure that I will watch it again…who knows ….they penny might drop!

    I imagine that not only will I be seeing Dark Shadows, it will be in my dvd storage in a very short time.

    Johnny Depp *sigh*…….just another of my addictions!

  52. I agree with the top 10, wholeheartedly and his best movie is Dark Shadows ands I have already seen it and loved it.

  53. I’ve never seen 21 Jump Street. I fell in love with Johnny Depp in Benny and Joon and that still remains my favourite Depp movie.

  54. I have to agree with the top 10. His role in Edward Scissorhands was definitely one of my favourites, as well as Cry Baby! I just adore him, he can play serious as well as crazy roles, dressed up he still looks hot!
    I can’t wait to see Dark Shadows, looks really funny and interesting!

  55. Has to be Edward Scissorhands a more beautiful film I have never seen I cried my eyes out & smiled so much. “What ‘s eating Gilbert Grape? ,came in second than Sleepy Hollow what a great team Johnny Depp & Tim Burton make I can’t wait to see Dark Shadow as a insane fan of the “UnDead” ๐Ÿ™‚ and the beautiful Mr Depp.

  56. What’s Eatng Gilbert Grape – a quirky offbeat movie that portrayed Depp’s acting skills. I also liked Sleepy Hollow and From Hell, one thing that’s rarely mentioned is that he’s excellent at an English accent!

  57. I love how Johnny Deppโ€™s movies are always a little bit eccentric, a little bit artistic & a little bit eclectic.

    I do like the Top 10 movies & A Nightmare on Elm Street was one of fave movies in my tween years.

    I have a double pass to see The Dark Shadows burning a hole in my pocket…anyone know a good babysitter, sho doesnโ€™t mind being paid in Edward Scissorhands style haircuts?

  58. Johnny Depp would have to be one of my all-time favourite actors. There’s not a role he cannot play- the more eccentric the better he acts!!! I agree with Michelle that there are so many other roles than the top 10 in the vid that he excelled.
    Ooooh how many nights did I drool over Johnny and Richard Greico in my youth watching 21 Jump Street on a saturday night (and mind you, betraying my Mum as I was not allowed to watch it!!!!)
    But of all the movies Johnny has made, Fear and Loathing is my top 1. Johnny also made a documentary when he met Hunter S Thompson (to get to know him for the role) and the character traits and eccentricites that he observes through Hunter he cloans with such amazing clarity and detail that you truly believe he is the man himself.
    Inshort, Johnny is a guru and in my mind, a GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. The camp Captain Jack is hard to go past,
    but in Chocolat I think he surpassed,
    showing his sweet and tender side,
    while we lovingly went along for the ride,
    the top 10 will always be up for debate,
    all his performances I highly rate,
    as for seeing Dark Shadows when on,
    I have seen it and it was a fun, over the top romp,
    I love Johnny’s roles every time,
    his character acting is sublime!

  60. My favourite movie would be ‘Chocolat’. I also love ‘Finding Neverland’ and ‘Sleepy Hollow as well as ‘From Hell’ and ‘The Astronauts Wife’. So many to choose from! I will definitely see Dark Shadows.

  61. Apart from 21 Jump Street, I really fell in love after seeing Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands, he made me cry in this movie but for amore dramatic gritty role he shocked me in BLOW. As I have seen all of his movies, I have now also seen Dark Shadows and love it…

  62. Definitely the Pirates of the Carribean series, I love the way that he made that character so lovable and think that is was unfair that he didn’t win an oscar for his preformance

  63. Johnny Depp, is a fantastic Actor , Totally Loved him in Willy Wonka, he was Brilliant as Edward Scissorhands too!

  64. I am a real Captain Jack Sparrow fan, but I love Johnny Depp in many of his roles. I can’t wait to see Dark Shadows – I’m sure I will love it too.

  65. Pirates is right up there as a fav…Johnny just goes all out as Captain Jack!
    All his roles have that wonderful Depp touch!
    Definately want to see Dark Shadows!

  66. Gilbert Grape has and always will be my most favorite of his performances. I think its becasue in that role you saw him cover so many emotions. From the caring son and loving brother to the frustrated young man that just wanted to live life and have fun but struggles with all the expectations that were placed upon him.

    I doubt if i will wake it to the movies to see Dark Shadows but as soon as its out on DVD im sure it will be one that will join my movie collection.
    You simple cant go wrong with a Depp movie and especially one created by Tim Burton…together they are beyond amazing.

  67. I love jonny Depp I loved him most in edward scissorhands he pulls of any character and one of the only actors i know can do that, he deserves more recognition like winning an academy award. i have seen dark shadows last week and again another amazing performance from the Depp man

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