Who You Are – Jessie J

Jessie J’s debut album ‘Who You Are’ has recently hit the shelves and is sure to be a winner, there is something on here for everyone. Jessie J is an extremely talented singer and songwriter whose CD is a brilliant showcase of her talents.

Encompassing a range of genres from the very soulful to extremely upbeat dance tunes Who You Are is an offering from the very heart of Jessie J.

All of the songs on the album were written by Jessie J and some of them hold quite a personal meaning and tell of a time in her life that she has chosen to share through this medium.

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In recent years Jessie J has written songs for Chris Brown, Lisa Lois and even ‘Party in the USA’ for Miley Cyrus. As well as “Sexy Silk” for a worldwide NIVEA ad campaign.

‘Big White Room’ was the first song Jessie J wrote, at age 17, inspired by her hospitalisation at age 11 where she shared a room with a younger boy who sadly lost his life. This song is a crowd favourite live and the YouTube version has had almost 300,000 views, without any radio airplay it has also managed to be covered 50 times.

Jessie J’s voice is magnificent and adapts quite remarkably to the different genres she sings. This CD showcases that voice well and gives her range a workout. It is quite a journey through her life and her career to this point. I think it’s going to do great things!

Track Listing

  • Price Tag feat. B.o.B
  • Nobody’s Perfect
  • Abracadabra
  • Big White Room
  • Casualty of Love
  • Rainbow
  • Who’s Laughing Now
  • Do It Like A Dude
  • Mamma Knows Best
  • L.O.V.E.
  • Stand Up
  • I Need This
  • Who You Are

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