What’s New: The Freshest Shows on Broadway

Nothing quite beats a night out on Broadway. New York’s theatre scene is where it’s at when it comes to majestic musicals, cutting edge comedies and feelgood family adventures. Whether you’re a seasoned theatre-goer or someone who usually gets your entertainment fix elsewhere, there’s definitely a show on right now that you’ll love.

So, what’s new right now to check out when you’re in town? Here’s our guide to the freshest shows on Broadway

The Last Match

What is it about? Capturing the drama that accompanies top-level sport, this is the story of Tim Porter, an aging favorite who wants to cling on to his status as a tennis champion and Sergei Sergeyev, who is striving to overcome his hero in the semi finals of the US Open.

What do the critics say? “The play delivers thought-provoking exchanges and ruminations on self-identity, the price of fame, the value of family, beginnings, endings and what’s in between.” (San Diego Union Tribune – reviews of the Broadway show were not available at time of press).

La Bohème

What is it about? One of the world’s most popular operas, this tells the timeless tale of love between young artists in Paris. Dealing with the deep emotions of love and loss, it’s passionate and powerful. This current run, which began on October 2 and ends in March, stars Angel Blue as Mimi, Brigitta Kele as Musetta, Dmytro Popov as Rodolfo, Lucas Meachem as Marcello, Duncan Rock as Schaunard, David Soar as Colline, and Paul Plishka as Benoit/Alcindoro.

What do the critics say? “A constant presence at the Metropolitan Opera since 1981, the Franco Zeffirelli production of La Bohème is about as reliable a contraption as exists on any stage. Plug in the right singers, turn the crank, and out comes a fine evening of opera—and occasionally more.” (New York Classical Review)

Torch Song

What is it about? Harvey Fierstein’s classic story has returned to Broadway with a fresh new look. It’s the story of Arnold Beckoff, a fierce and fearless torch singer in drag who longs for a husband and family. It scooped a Tony award for best play when it first opened on Broadway originally, running as a trilogy of plays which later became a 1988 film starring Fierstein, Anne Bancroft and Matthew Broderick.

What do the critics say? “Michael Urie steps into the part that won Fierstein the Best Actor Tony — a neurotic gay Jewish man pining for romance and a family — and Mercedes Ruehl plays his difficult mother. It should be especially interesting to see how a play first staged prior to the AIDS crisis holds up in the era of marriage equality.” (NJ.com ahead of the opening night).

Portuguese Kid 

What is it about? A romantic comedy that packs a punch starring Jason Alexander as a lawyer and Sherie Rene Scott as his client. It’s written by John Patrick Shanley, who has bagged a Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize for Doubt and Outside Mullingar, as well as an Academy Award for being the screenwriter of Moonstruck.

What do the critics say? There’s no verdict in just yet – but it’s a good sign that the play has already had its run extended by a week to reflect demand.


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