What is Fango?

FANGO is a new social app for iPhone and iPad which is becoming increasingly popular with over 200,000 downloads and an average of over 10,000 downloads each day. In a time when we are all multi-taskers and our phones are attached to our hands, FANGO brings interaction to the way we watch TV.

Yahoo!7 did their research into our social habits when it comes to watching TV, and it’s really not surprising to find out that 41 percent of people reported posting on Facebook while watching the small screen.

The beauty of FANGO is that it is Australia friendly with all free to air television shows being covered from 3pm and 12am. Check in and share what you are viewing, as you are viewing it, and earn badges when different achievements are reached.

The app is compatible with Facebook and Twitter so you can discuss your favourite shows with all your friends and there are real prizes to be won.

Want to get FANGO?

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FANGO – the social way to watch TV - Yahoo!

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FANGO for iPad – the social way to watch TV - Yahoo!

One thought on “What is Fango?

  1. Unfortunately I dont have a phone technologically advanced enough for this kind of app. Still living in the dark ages. he he.

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