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Jack Taylor is an Irish Crime-Drama based on the bestselling crime thrillers penned by Ken Bruen and Series 3  is a collection of three movie length episodes: Cross, Headstone and Purgatory.

Starring: Iain Glen of Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey, Nora Noone of The Descent and The Magdalene Sisters and Killian Scott of Love/Hate and Single-Handed.


Iain Glenn plays Irish ex-cop Jack Taylor, over forty and fond of a drink, his exit from the police force sees him begin a new career as a finder (private investigator) with a sharp wit and a soft heart. Taylor takes the cases The Guards won’t touch, regardless of how hopeless they seem. He’s stubborn as they come and a defender of the lost and broken.

Taylor knows every back street of Galways, his hometown, and he knows the people almost as well; and that’s part of what makes him so good. He also looks in the places no-one else does and talks to the people no-one else will. But Galway is still a small town, with a big memory and a tendency to be quick to anger and slow to forgive.

Jack Taylor promises to be a gritty crime drama with great dialogue and interesting characters.

5 of our lucky members will receive a copy of the DVD for review, I look forward to reading what they thought in the comments section below.

4 thoughts on “User Reviews: Jack Taylor Series 3

  1. I have just watched Jack Taylor, he is a crime fighter with help from his girlfriend and her cousin.
    I recommend you watch it if you like your crime fast and sitting on the edge of your lounge at all times, looking away because there is plenty of blood.

  2. Jack Taylor is a charismatic private detective with a rugged appearance and thick accent; we first meet Jack in episode 1 “Cross” as he investigates the gruesome crucifixion of a young man. Jack relies heavily on local knowledge, as the investigation leads through dark streets and abandoned houses in the Galway. Kate Noonan is jack former colleague from the Irish police force, she assists him throughout the series to help solve the crimes, her personal struggles and relationship with Jack adds emotion to the series and evokes Jack’s softer side. Series three of Jack Taylor is not a typical cop show, it is gritty and graphic at times, it was an enjoyable series to watch thanks for the chance Beauty and Lace

  3. Was really looking forward to watching Jack Taylor and these 3 episodes didn’t disappoint!
    As I love NCIS and all police/detective shows, was curious if this would be good, this is definitely up there. He is not your typical cop and does have help in solving his crimes but not from other police officers.
    Great to watch, am going to look into s1 and S2 and have recommended this to my friends to watch!!

  4. Thanks to Beauty & Lace for the opportunity to watch & review Jack Taylor Season 3. I am way overdue as I didn’t realise I was accepted into this trial, but after just discovering I was….here is my review.
    I originally applied to review Jack Taylor Season 3 because I was a fan of a previous season, which I had watched a year ago. My favourite genre for movies and TV is Crime, and this was one of the best crime shows I’ve watched. I find English shows far outrate American shows, the acting is so much more personable, real and relatable.
    Iain Glen, who plays Jack Taylor, is an amazing actor and they couldn’t of picked anyone better to achieve the ruggedness, rawness, the break-the-rules attitude of Jack Taylor, who plays an ex cop, who, with a sometimes difficult to understand Irish accent, works on a multitude of cases, using his local knowledge of the area and his gift of investigative techniques to crack the mysteries before him.
    The 3 episodes in this season are all action-packed, with a few new faces appearing, but this doesn’t detract from the exciting storyline. All the characters work well together and the stories contained in the episodes are not UNbelievable or outrageous, just intriguing. If you’re anything like me, Jack Taylor Season 3 will have you guessing and following every move as you sit completely enthralled.
    I am now wanting to go back and watch the entire Jack Taylor saga because I actually forgot just how good it was. If you like shows like CSI, Without A Trace, Criminal Minds……well you’ll love this because it is WAY BETTER. Jack Taylor buries all American made crime TV.

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