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Delicious is a television show starring the amusing actress Dawn French, of The Vicar of Dibley fame. We were fortunate to run a user review for season one of the new show last July and everyone involved loved it.  This year we are able to offer 10 DVDs of Season Two for our members to review.

There are four episodes in the second season of Delicious, as there was with the first, and they are airing on the ABC this March.

Delicious Season 2 sees the return of Dawn French as Gina and Emilia Fox as Sam to the Penrose Hotel.


About Delicious Season 2

Since our last visit to the Penrose Hotel, Gina and Sam’s business has been booming, their fragile friendship has lasted, and they are on the lookout for a new protégé in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, it’s not long before the dynamics of family, love, rivalry and life start to get in the way of their tranquillity. Not least when Gina’s estranged father (Franco Nero) turns up at the doorstep combined with further surprises from the past and the impact of Leo’s legacy…

Delicious season 2 stars Dawn French (Vicar of Dibley), Emilia Fox (Silent Witness), Iain Glen (Game of Thrones), Tanya Reynolds (Death in Paradise) and Sheila Hancock (New Tricks). The series is directed by Clare Kilner and John Hardwick.

Delicious is an honest and compelling story of love, sex, lies and betrayal, where things are never as they seem.

Thanks to Acorn Media we were able to get a copy of the DVD to ten of our Beauty and Lace Club members to review. We look forward to hearing what they think in the comments below.


10 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: Delicious Season 2

  1. Season 2 of Delicious was a pleasant surprise as I had watched Season 1 and loved it but wasn’t aware it was an ongoing series. You really need to catch up with Season 1 before you venture into watching Season 2.

    The Penrose the hotel/restaurant is thriving but things are not running so smoothly on a personal level with the owners. Gina and Sam continue to have their ongoing issues and can barely talk to each other. There is a new staff member in the kitchen, Adam and there is more to him than everyone knows. Teresa is in therapy, Micheal is in Europe and Gina’s estranged father Joe turns up . There is a lot going on at The Penrose but it is so well cast and produced that you can’t help becoming involved and loving the tension and drama of the extended mixed family.

    In this Season there is a fling, a love interest, a marriage proposal, a 40th birthday as well as the anniversary of Leo’s death to cope with. Not to mention that the police are still looking for the missing money that enabled The Penrose to remain open.

    I love this series and can’t wait for Season 3. The main characters Gina and Sam are brilliantly played by the magnificent Dawn French and Emilia Fox of Silent Witness.

    Family relationships, death, fine dining and infidelity make for great viewing !

  2. Delicious …Season 2 was just as brilliant as Season 1. Sometimes you watch the first Season of a show and you love it but then Season 2 arrives and its just not as good. No worries like that at all with Delicious and the door is open for yet another amazing Season 3.
    The show is in part narrated by the dead ex husband of Gina and the husband of Sam. Having Leo…the dead man tell things from his point of view adds an interesting dimension to the show.
    Gina and Sam have formed a love hate type friendship through their struggles to hold on to and make the Penrose Hotel a viable business. This season unearths yet more secrets which of course leads to more twists and turns when Ginas Father suddenly arrives on the scene and there is also a new staff member at the Penrose Hotel who has a secret of his own.

    I would have sat in binge watched the entire Season in one hit but sadly for me we had a power outage when I was half way through viewing it so the 2nd half had to wait for the next day…curses on bad weather and power outages 😀

    Honestly this is an amazing series with so much going on that its hard to share too much without spoiling the surprises so you will simply have to trust me when I say that you need to set aside sometimes and watch this brilliant series. I doubt that you will regret it.

    Please, please, please hurry up Season 3.

  3. Thankyou for selecting me to review the Delicious DVD
    I have not seen all of the first series but picked up the thread of the story
    Dawn French is brilliant as Gina as is Emilia Fox as Sam
    The Penrose Hotel is thriving and is co owned by Gina and Sam who are both strong characters but do have varying opinions on matters
    This series 2 has brought more secrets to life ( no spoilers )
    Gina’s estranged dad turns up and all hell breaks loose
    Viewers will see a lot of familiar faces from other English shows which is great
    Basically this series is all about families, trust, disappointment, love and lies
    A really great series that I enjoyed watching
    I couldn’t help but get caught up in all that was happening
    Can’t wait to see what happens in the next series

  4. Thanks for the opportunity to review Delicious season 2

    I was worried that it wouldn’t be as entertaining as the first season gladly I was wrong

    This great series has everything love hate sex lies & just so enjoyable to watch that I had to stop everything else & watch from beginning to end Then apart from the brilliant Dawn French & Emelia Fox you throw in the outstanding Franco Nero what more could you want

    Just as great as first series & can’t wait for the next

  5. I was worried that I wouldn’t understand the characters or the story, having not seen season 1. Thankfully the writing and acting was so good that I was drawn in anf quickly picked up what was going on.
    Dawn French is, as always, a good actress and I enjoyed her character in Delicious.
    Looking forward to going back and watching season 1.
    Highly recommended.

  6. In Season One of “Delicious” we met one of the most dysfunctional families in Britain. Famous chef Leo was married to Gina, but had an affair with Sam, who he eventually married. Now, twenty years later, Leo is again having an affair – with Gina. Leo’s death early in Season One does little to unsnarl the tangle; instead, secrets come bursting out all over.

    As Season Two opens, Gina and Sam have reached an uneasy detente as they attempt to sustain the Penrose, the hotel established by Gina and Leo and later run by Sam and Leo. Perhaps astonishingly to viewers of Season One, there are still plenty of secrets to be exposed, and rivalries to be fought.

    I really enjoyed this series. Although most families aren’t quite as fraught or complicated as this one, many of the emotions the characters experience will be familiar – rivalry, jealousy, restlessness, indecision, uncertainty. Although primarily a drama, there are moments of sardonic humor too.

    This is tightly scripted, well acted, and relatable (although for most viewers, in a heightened way). It’s not as dark as some of the material on TV at the moment, although it doesn’t deal with light issues either. It is likely to be enjoyed by people looking for a realistic drama where the tension comes from feelings and decisions rather than, say, a murder. At four episodes a season, it also requires less of a commitment than some other series – but it packs a lot into those episodes, and is highly enjoyable.

    Basically, I recommend giving this a go. It’s a quality drama – not too heavy, but with a fair bit to think about. It’s good fun to watch.

  7. Delicious Season 2 is just as good as season 1 if not better. all ur favourites are back with a few new ones to boot.
    In Season 2 the story resumes about a year after Leo’s death. Gina and Sam now co own The Penrose Hotel and are doing well. The hidden money also helps. Leo is also still the narrator and he has some surprises in store for his family, even from the dead.
    This Season we also meet Gina’s estranged father who arrives on the scene and more family secrets are revealed in true Delicious fashion!

    I absolutely love British comedies and drama and Delicious is definitely no exception.
    Such an amazing cast and brilliant performances from our leads. Can’t wait for Season 3,
    Thank you Beauty and Lace for giving me the opportunity to view and review this Season 2 of Delicious.

  8. I loved season 1 and was hoping that there would be a follow on, I got in to deep with each characters story to not know what happened! I was going to dig out season 1 and watch it again to “catch up” but times crept up on me and the story is so well written that you were easily able to recall what had happened before.

    Dawn French and Emilia Fox are incredibly well cast, just who you image to be the first wife and the other woman/second wife and they just bounce off each other so well as actresses. It’s a great mix of comedy and drama. Definitely good binge watching material

    Here’s to hoping there is a season 3 soon!

  9. Compulsive, addictive. The acting was superb. I love Dawn French in her comic roles and I can now say I adore her in a serious role as well.
    I didn’t watch Season 1 but it was very easy to work out what was happening and who was who.
    Lots of drama and plenty of laugh out loud moments. I had planned to watch an hour at a time but ended up binging on the whole series.

    Excellent drama! Recommended.

  10. I’m sure I thought the same of series 1, but Delicious series 2 is a feast for the senses. With glorious countryside, beautiful food and the spectacular hotel that is ‘The Penrose’, I love this show for the visual aspect and so much more. Dawn French doesn’t disappoint as Gina and her relationship with Sam is tested in more ways than one this season. Of course there’s a few family skeletons in the closet to be revealed which keeps the mystery alive. With Leo’s narrative weaving through, this story and the characters will keep you watching, & guessing, from beginning to end. Loved it!

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