The Lying Game

Sara Shepard, international bestselling author of Pretty Little Liars, shot to success with her debut series which has now been made into a successful TV series currently airing in Australia. This series is gathering lots of local fans for the writer.

The #1 New York Times Bestselling Author now brings us her next fabulous series which includes all the sensational elements that made Pretty Little Liars so popular. The new series has already been snapped up for a TV pilot in the United States.

Juicy plot lines, magnetic characters and lifestyles to die for are all on offer in the exciting new series, The Lying Game, which is due to comprise of four books.

the lying game

Sara Shepard used her own teenage experiences to help her get inside the heads of her new characters even though her upbringing bears little resemblance to the storyline and characters in the new series.

The Lying Game centers around Emma Paxton, a teen raised in foster care, who one day discovers that she has a long lost twin sister, Sutton Mercer. She travels to Arizona to build a new life and bond with her twin only to discover that she’s disappeared and the life that she is embarking on is the one her sister disappeared from.

To discover the depths of deception surrounding Sutton and try to get to the bottom of her disappearance Emma steps into her shoes and lives her life while delving into the lives of Sutton’s friends searching for clues.

This seems to have all the elements of an intriguing mystery read that will keep you up at night compulsively turning pages and devouring the storylines to find the answers. Sure to be filled with twists and unexpected discoveries this is sure to be another major hit series with the female 15-20 demographic.

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