The Bourne Legacy

It seems that now really is the time for re-Bourne franchises with the release of the fourth movie in the Bourne franchise being released just next month.

I say re-Bourne rather than continued because we have a new star, new characters and new director = new direction. The movie does still take place in the world created by Robert Ludlum in his Bourne book series and translated to film for the multi-million dollar Bourne franchise.

bourne legacy

The Bourne Legacy, movie number 4, is coming to Australian screens in August and bringing with it two very big names for the premiere.

Action superstar Jeremy Renner plays ‘Aaron Cross’, the new lead character, who is still celebrating his successes for both The Avengers and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. He will be heading to Australia for the Sydney and Melbourne premiere’s of The Bourne Legacy in August, joined by writer/director Tony Gilroy.

The Bourne Legacy has grossed almost $1 billion at the box office globally and in Australia alone there have been more than 1.5 million DVD and Blu-Rays sold.

Tony Gilroy steps up from his role as screenwriter on the first 3 films to lead the charge in this fourth instalment as writer and director, his is an original plotline that introduces a new hero in Jeremy Renner’s ‘Aaron Cross’. Edward Norton and Rachel Weisz are also warmly welcomed newcomers to the franchise. One interesting point to note though, there is no Jason Bourne in the The Bourne Legacy.

The Bourne Legacy premieres in Australia with super special guests Jeremy Renner and Tony Gilroy are at Sydney’s State Theatre on August 7 and then the Melbourne Premiere on Wednesday August 8th..

The cinema season for the Bourne Legacy begins on Ausgust 16th.

There will be screenings in Brisbane on Wednesday August 15.

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