Standing on the Rooftop – Madeleine Peyroux

Standing On The Rooftop is the latest offering from Jazz singer/songwriter Madeleine Peyroux, her fifth solo album and a real achievement for her.

2007 saw Peyroux named the Best International Jazz Artist at the 2007 BBC Jazz Awards and she is best known for her stunning, gold-certified 2004 album, “Careless Love.” Moving on from there she released ‘Bare Bones’ in 2009 which was an album completely of her own composition.


Standing On The Rooftop demonstrates that Peyroux has lost none of her ability to reinvent the music she performs with her vocals and broadens her range, embracing an American blues sound.

“Standing On the Rooftop,” her fifth solo album, encompasses a wide spectrum from the lulling, gentle “Lay Your Sleeping Head, My Love” (adapted from the W.H. Auden poem of the same name) and the stunning, spare “Super Hero” to the clever, whimsical “Don’t Pick a Fight With a Poet.”

Standing On The Rooftop is a meeting of many talented musical minds working together to create a soulful, enchanting blend of songs. This album sees Peyroux originals standing tall alongside classic covers like ‘Martha My Dear’ by the Beatles, Bob Dylan’s ‘I Threw It All Away’ and ‘Love in Vain’ by Robert Johnson – all of which have been remade in Peyroux’s own style.

Madeleine Peyroux wrote solo as well as with a number of collaborators, including big name former Rolling Stone Bill Wyman. ‘The Kind You Can’t Afford’ and ‘Leaving Home Again’ are products of the collaborating partnership of Wyman and Peyroux.

‘Standing On The Rooftop’ contains a steady beat that throbs through the song and into your senses from start to finish, helping the song drill its way into your head to linger after the last note.

The lyrics to ‘Lay Your Sleeping Head, My Love’ are a gentle, haunting adaptation of W.H. Auden’s poem by the same name. The original music was composed by Marc Ribot.

Produced by Craig Street – best known for his work with k.d. Lang, Norah Jones and Cassandra Wilson, Standing On The Rooftop is the end result of Street and Peyroux working together to realise her vision of stripping back the preconceptions and pushing the limits of her sound to new heights.

To do this they brought in musicians that are renowned as artists in their own right – including guitarist Marc Ribot, bassist Meshell Ndegeocello, drummer Charley Drayton, keyboardist John Kirby and guitarist Christopher Bruce.

Track Listing

  1. Martha My Dear
  2. The Kind You Can’t Afford
  3. Leaving Home Again
  4. The Things I’ve Seen Today
  5. Fickle Dove
  6. Lay Your Sleeping Head, My Love
  7. Standing On The Rooftop
  8. I Threw It All Away
  9. The Party Oughta Be Comin’ Soon
  10. Superhero
  11. Love In Vain
  12. Don’t Pick A Fight With A Poet
  13. Meet Me In Rio
  14. Ophelia
  15. The Way Of All Things

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