Snow White and the Huntsman: The Characters

Snow White and the Huntsman is now in cinemas across the country and the buzz is going strong. I saw the trailer while I was at the cinema watching something else and it hooked me.

As with anything there is a lot of mixed reviews and differing opinions, I would expect nothing less because we all have different tastes. There are fans of Kristen Stewart and those who are less than excited about her acting. And then there’s the eye candy factor and I’m not sure that there is anyone who could argue that Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron are a delight on the eye.

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This most recent movie based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale ‘Snow White’ takes a new direction to those that precede it and seems to be returning to the darker roots of the story.

When I think of Snow White I will always by default think of the Disney cartoon. It is vibrant, colorful and filled with song – a far cry from the latest incarnation gracing big screens worldwide at the moment.


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Snow White is played by Kristen Stewart who has had a much longer career than many would be aware of. The Twilight Saga films made her a household name with her portrayal of Bella Swan, which received mixed reviews as well as earning her a wealth of awards nominations and wins. Before Bella we saw Kristen as the older sister in Zathura, the daughter in Panic Room, the lead in The Messengers and a host of other parts. Kristen also played Joan Jett in The Runaways which released in 2010, and is a movie I would like to see one of these days.

Snow White has spent much of her childhood locked in a tower of the castle by Queen Ravenna, when she comes of age and is named the ultimate threat to the Queen’s rein by the Magic Mirror it is time for her to make a hasty escape into the Dark Forest where Ravenna holds no power. Snow White is no vibrant young domestic ready to cook and clean for the dwarves, this Snow White is  strong, armour clad and good with a sword.


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Charlize Theron takes on the role of Queen Ravenna. A far cry from Mighty Joe Young’s Jill, Stella in The Italian Job, Candy in The Cider House Rules and her portrayal of Aileen Wuornos in Monster. Charlize Theron is quite choosy about the roles she takes on and when she does sign on she takes every role very seriously – she gained almost 15kgs for her role in Monster. She has collected many awards for her acting, and is the first South African to receive a Best Actress Oscar.

Queen Ravenna is all kinds of evil. A youth sucking enchantress feeding off all the young women to keep her looking youthful, maintaining a spell cast by her mother years earlier. Her reign has left Tabor in ruins and still all she cares about is being the fairest of them all. Charlize immerses herself in this role and plays the part with passion, overplays the part according to some reviewers, which I think is important to portray the crazy old witch convincingly.



The Huntsman is played by Chris Hemsworth, best known in my house for his role as Kim Hyde on Home and Away. He also appeared in one episode of Neighbours and the 2004 Australian series of Dancing With The Stars. It is his film roles that have really catapulted this home grown Melbourne boy to super stardom. In recent years he has played the lead role in Thor and played Thor in The Avengers, he will reprise the role for the sequel Thor 2 in 2013.

The Huntsman is never named in the movie, he is referred to simply as The Huntsman. He is chosen by the Queen to track down Snow White because he has already survived the Dark Forest, and is fighting the darkness in his life after the death of his wife. He is convinced to search out Snow White by the Queen’s promise to resurrect his wife.


Sam Clafin plays Prince William, Snow White’s childhood friend who escaped the Castle with his father when Ravenna took control. News travels to Prince William and his father, Duke Hammond, of Snow Whites escape to the Dark Forest and Prince William is compelled to do something to help so he infiltrates Finns band as a bowman which allows him to track her down. He remains undercover right until the perfect moment to reveal himself and come to her aid.

His role as Prince William comes early in Sam Clafin’s career, having only graduated with his 3 year acting degree in 2009. His film debut came in Pirates of the Carribbean: On Stranger Tides as Philip Swift, he has also been involved in some TV roles since his graduation. He may not have done much yet but with roles like these he could well be one to watch. Originally he had his sights set on a football career but two broken ankles by 16 saw him change his dream and work towards a career in acting.

The characters, the actors, the new adaptation of a classic I grew up with – what more could I ask for really. This is definitely a movie I am looking forward to seeing.

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  1. I love the look of this movie and as i havent been to the movies in well i dont know how long but i think i might go and see this one shame i cant win tickets 🙂

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