SCI FI Channel Becomes SF

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Monday July 23rd sees FOXTEL favourite the SCI FI Channel rebranded and reborn as SF.

The SCI FI Channel was launched in Australia in 2006 and has become one of the most popular channels on Foxtel.

Award winning brand consultants Ink Project, together with the SCI FI Channel team, have worked on the SF rebrand to excite, delight and attract new viewers to the channel while maintaining the loyalty of long time fans.

The SF brand boldly states the proud commitment of the channel to its Science Fiction content, capturing all aspects of the genre and making the programming line-up accessible. Upcoming programs on SF include fantasy, supernatural, drama, paranormal and comedy.

“The SF rebrand brings a cracking new energy to our line up of great shows. Ink Project and our in- house team have excelled in delivering the new look.”, said Peter Hudson, CEO, SF.

A new tagline will be an integral part of the SF rebrand ‘we are sci fi’ and the promo trailers feature a whole range of ‘we are…’ identifiers that have been developed to broadcast the diverse choices available for viewing pleasure on the channel.

‘We are’ demonstrates the channel’s connection with the fans by it’s use of the inclusive term, as an example Lost Girl has ‘we are insatiable’.

FOXTEL is the only place you can find Lost Girl, Hollywood Treasure, Ghost Hunters International, Warehouse 13, Stargate SG-1, Buffy, Charmed, Star Trek, Sanctuary, Haven and Todd & the Book of Pure Evil. A great combination of favourites and programming shown on FOXTEL first.

This range of programming is adventurous and absorbing, designed to bring loyal fans together with new viewers. This is a channel, and a brand, that caters to lovers of all facets of the Science Fiction genre.

It’s surprising what you’ll find on SF.

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