Pitchi is an innovative new destination which allows you to sell online in a unique way. Established in Australia, Pitchi allows you to sell your goods via videos – showcasing them so that they really stand out.

You can choose your theme, go for humour, drama or something simple – the choice is yours, but you have to get your message across in under 60 seconds.

As technology increases in popularity, most people have access to a video recorder on their phones. It is easy to get carried away browsing the videos that are available and sometimes you will forget you are actually watching sales pitches.

The website layout is straightforward and easy to navigate, plus you can see how many times a video has been viewed and each has a price clearly marked.


As an example there is an artist in Richmond (VIC) who draws a detailed Iron Man with a lead pencil. This creation takes 5 hours but is merged into a 60 second clip. The drawing isn’t what is for sale – instead it’s a brand new inspiration pencil which you can pick up for $1. Whether you want to purchase the pencil or not, the creativity in the video is definitely worth watching.

If you are a more serious shopper, there are some interesting pieces of artwork for sale. I also like the fact that there is a Kids and Babies category and am looking forward to seeing more additions in there. I have my eye on the animal Laundry Hampers for Your Kids. The video is simple but it showcases the size and functions of the product, something that isn’t demonstrated in a traditional photograph.

With demand for online shopping rising in tandem with our video watching habits online, this platform is only set to grow. This really changes the way you can buy and sell and represent your product in the way you want to – and you have to love the fact that this idea was hatched right here in Australia

You can follow Pitchi on Facebook or Twitter: @pitchicom #pitchi



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