Nelly 5.0

Nelly has finally released his much anticipated sixth album. Released in Australia by Universal Music in November 5.0 is sure to do great things. Up to this point in his career Nelly has sold an astonishing number of albums, I know I was surprised, and I think this one will sell just as well.

Just A Dream, the first single from the album, hit Australian radio on August 23 and is classic Nelly but also really quite mellow. Making No.1 on the Billboard chart this extended Nelly’s lead for No.1 Pop Songs among rappers.


5.0 is classic Nelly, with the sounds and the feel that made his fans fall in love with his music. This album features tracks with many big name hip hop artists to add new sounds and a bit of variety. For someone like me who loves SHUFFLE on the ipod and RANDOM on the CD stacker the variety is a great thing. I don’t like to listen to an album from start to finish because quite often the sounds tend to get monotonous by the time you hit the last track. I’m finding that Nelly’s 5.0 doesn’t really do that, I think that could be because of all the featured artists – the variety of voices changes the tone a lot from track to track.

Nelly has spent time at the top of the Billboard charts and brought home Grammy’s for earlier albums, that doesn’t look set to change with the quality of 5.0.

Artists featured with Nelly on 5.0 are Baby, DJ Khaled, Plies, Chris Brown, T.I., T-Pain, Akon, Kelly Rowland, Yo Gotti, Sophie Greene and Keri Hilson.

Also featured on the album is some coarse language and themes so might be something to be aware of with the kids, though on the most part it wasn’t too bad. I have definitely heard worse. The strong language was only in a couple of songs – or it didn’t really jump out and hit me in the face the way it sometimes does.

Definitely an album that would get the party up and jumping!

Track Listing

  1. I’m Number 1 feat. Baby & DJ Khaled
  2. Long Gone feat. Plies & Chris Brown
  3. She’s So Fly feat. T.I.
  4. Just A Dream
  5. Making Movies
  6. Move That Body feat. T-Pain & Akon
  7. 1000 Stacks
  8. Gone feat. Kelly Rowland
  9. Don’t It Feel Good
  10. Broke feat. Yo Gotti & Sophie Greene
  11. Liv Tonight feat. Keri Hilson
  12. Nothing Without Her

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