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Tristan Clopet is a Toronto born musician who started his musical career at a young age playing gigs in New York. His passion for music is clear in his performance and his debut LP ‘Name It What You Want’ has recently been released.

One thing that really strikes me about Tristan Clopet is that not only is he a talented musician, he is also confident in his abilities and shows faith in his fans – he lets the fans decide the price for his music.  The album is called ‘Name It What You Want’ but it is also pay what you want!

The LP is available through his website for download at the price you set with PayPal! Demonstrating the depth of Tristan Clopet’s love affair with his music.

name it what you want

Tristan Clopet’s style is unique and cross genre, it is really hard for me to pinpoint how I would classify this album. There is some quite ethereal easy listening slower tracks quite heavy on the keyboard which get into your head and resonate through you. At the other end of that scale there is some quite catchy pop tracks as well as more alternative indie rock. There really is a bit of everything here.

Name It What You Want was recorded by Sussex Recordings and produced by Raymond Richards, who has worked with Local Natives, and Justin Gerrish, who worked with Vampire Weekend. Together with Tristan Clopet this team created a ten song offering that encompasses clever songwriting, fresh harmonies and dancing rhythms.

The first single, ‘A Chat with my Brain’, deals with the paradox of separating oneself from the mind that embodies it. The lyrics are fresh and easy to relate to, we have all had moments of thinking that way.  The sound is catchy and will have you tapping your feet and singing along in no time.

There has been early praise which indicates, if the album lives up to the first single, that this will be Tristan Clopet’s best work to date and what higher praise is there for a musician really. Tristan Clopet is a musician who is happy just getting up in front of fans and getting an enthusiastic audience reaction, which is something I think would come quite naturally if the live sets are as good as the recording!

Track Listing:

La Naissance
When You Were Younger
An Introduction…To Forward Thinking
Hold On Lover, Hold On Girl
Idiosyncracies of the Resolute
Fife and Drum
The 4:45 to Remembrance
A Summer In Sussex
A Chat With My Brain
Toutes Directions

Name It What You Want is available on iTunes and at

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