Movie Review: Motherhood (Egg)

I don’t usually get time to watch movies but with a teething, clingy 18-month old I had a scroll through the new releases and found Motherhood, or Egg as it’s known overseas. It stars Christina Hendricks, one of my Madmen faves, Alysia Reiner from Orange Is the New Black, and Anna Camp from True Blood (and Pitch Perfect for those playing at home).

What did I just watch? I’m not really sure. Heavily pregnant Karen (Hendricks) and her hubby Don (played by David Alan Basche) drop in on an old uni friend, Tina (Reiner), and her hubby Wayne (played by Gbenga Akkinagbe).

The movie plays out in real-time and there is a bit of back and forth between the childless artist Tina and her pregnant friend. Tina seems to find pregnancy a waste of time but then she has a weird baby shrine upstairs. Complete with baby teeth. Creeper. Without giving anything away, the boys leave and the girls draw male anatomy pictures and there is a bit of chit chat, crying, and wine drinking. Yes, even pregnant Karen has a glass. Turns out there is a backstory for Tina and her behaviour starts to make (some) sense

That’s about it. Until dum, dum, dum….boys come back with the pregnant Kiki (Camp) who is ditzy and hot (both in looks and in body temperature). PUT THE DAMN TRACKPANTS ON KIKI!

This is where the movie starts to get ridiculous and I sat there wondering why Karen and Don are even still there. Who would stay at such an awkward dinner party? For the cheese platter? That must be it. But, I can’t talk because I too made it to the end of the movie.

The men are made to look like sex-deprived idiots, and the women seem stupid. It feels like it’s trying to debate pregnancy but it is such a personal thing and I don’t understand why it would be relevant. All women have their own struggles. Plus, I’m pretty sure MOST women who are 8 months pregnant feel like they are a mix of both “beautifully glowing” and “unattractive and exhausted.”

Maybe I am missing something, but I felt like a third wheel at the world’s most embarrassing party. Despite some of the characters being realistic, the storyline was a bit over my head. Still, I finished it so maybe it wasn’t so bad and it was my mood and mini cranky pants daughter that let it down. I just don’t know it was supposed to be a comedy, drama, or depress-fest?

Watched it? You tell me? Please leave any feedback in the comments section below.

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  1. OMG – NO I haven’t even heard of it – I think I know why. It sounds like the kind of thing you are sure has to get to the point soon but doesn’t. I can definitely understand why you watched the whole movie. Should have been good/relevant? but must have missed the point completely.

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