Movie Review: A Guide to Second Date Sex

Out on February 13 at the cinemas, A Guide to Second Date Sex is a British romantic comedy that follows Laura (Alexandra Ryan) and Ryan (George Mackay) on their very awkward second date.  

The movie is written and directed by Rachel Hirons and it is based on her stage play of the same name. I found it to be quirky and entertaining.  Anyone that has been in the dating scene will likely relate to the premise of the movie – what are the rules on the second date?? 

Laura and Ryan meet in a nightclub and hit it off full of dutch courage (alcohol) and decide to meet up for a second date, both have been hurt in the past and have limited dating experience and this sets the tone for the movie. 

You cringe with them and feel the awkwardness of the second date, the pressure from friends of what to say and do, and the voice-over narrative of what is going through their minds makes for some very funny scenes.  

A Guide to Second Date Sex is in cinemas from February 13th 2020.

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