MOVIE: Bachelorette

A group of three best friends since high school reunite in Manhattan for the wedding of their pal Becky (Rebel Wilson), who they cruelly nickname Pig Face.

There’s the competitive, ice-queen Regan (Kirsten Dunst), who begrudgingly accepts her role as maid of honour despite her horror that her less-attractive friend is getting married before her; cynical wild-child Gena (Lizzy Caplan), who’s determined to confront her high school ex who broke her heart; and the ditzy Katie (Isla Fisher), who is all bubbly exterior until you scratch the surface.

The single ladies are determined to put their bitterness aside and have an awesomely hedonistic bachelorette party.

Armed with razor-sharp insults, a free spirit for fun and a pack of groomsmen, these modern femmes (or mean girls!) embark on one very long and emotional night of misadventure.

Bachelorette is a sassy, funny and sometimes romantic ride that never forgets to celebrate the complexities of female friendship.

We sent some of our readers to see Bachelorette, find out what they thought below or add your own movie review!

28 thoughts on “MOVIE: Bachelorette

  1. I am not a big movie goer or watcher anymore. it’s a time thing… but this looks hilarious. And I do love Kirsten Dunst and Lizzy Caplan.

  2. Rebel Wilson stars as the hilarious bride Becky who asks her friend from high school Regina and the rest of teh “B face group” to be in her bridal party.

    At first you feel sorry for Becky as Regina, her matron of honor is jealous of her happiness and her friends are stuck in a time warp of their high school days, partying and sleeping around.

    During the bachelorette party-minus the bride, the girls accidently damage the wedding dress and in their endeavour to get it repaired end, up in a strip club with the bachelor party getting into all sorts of mischief.

    Depsite her issues, Regina a control freak desperately tries to keep everyone together and ensure the dress is ready in the morning.

    Disaster after disaster forces the girls to face up to some home truths about themselves and learn a lesson about the importance and value of friendship.

    A heartwarming and side splitting female version of “The Hangover” and a must see movie 5/5

    Thank you Beauty and Lace!

  3. Firstly, many thanks for giving me this opportunity to see this film.
    Weddings bring a lot of emotions and feelings. Bachelorettte describes in a witty, hilarious and touching way all the emotions affecting the bridal and her party.
    A special mention to the matron of honor, I liked the way she expressed her feelings although she was nasty at times.
    I recommend Bacherolette as a funny and warm movie.

  4. If you aren’t yet sick of wedding related movies and/or a bride to be then this movie is worth checking out. Although a little contrived and predictable at times, with stereotypical characters Bachelorette is a light hearted chick flick that shows what happens when the bridal party are not all besties. If you can get past Rebel Wilson playing the same sort of character she normally does and love James Marsden as much as I do, then you should enjoy this nice piece of escapism.

  5. I did not enjoy Bachelorette at all, perhaps the last couple of scenes amused me, but overall it was terrible. Overdone with explicit verbal sex, three of the main characters (the brides’ friends and bridesmaids) were rude & nasty not true friends at all. Pity that two really good Aussie actresses stooped so low as to be involved with this D- class movie

  6. Thank you so much Beauty and Lace for giving me this opportunity to see this wonderful movie. I enjoyed every second of the movie and it certainly had it moments that made you cringe alittle with the carry on’s. A movie that most would get a giggle out of. 🙂

  7. Sure, over the top, typical American flick but still worhty of a few laughs and ohhhh crap moments where it is almost unbearable to watch…!
    But all in all one hundred times better than the movie Bridemaids which I found to be PATHETIC and so corny I couldnt even sit through the whole thing!!!
    After reading through some of the other reviews I noticed how offended some people were by the movie but people seem to have forgotten that this movie is FICTION ladies!!!! It is a typical over the top American wedding movie and you gotta just see it for what it is… I can’t say it was one of the best movies I’ve seen this year but definitely a good for a few laughs 🙂

  8. Thanks Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to see this movie. Bachelorette is a tongue-in-cheek look at some old high school friends that are brought back together by one of their weddings. I dont think too much should be given away, but there are a lot of laughs, a lot of sarcasm and a kind of Bridesmaids meets The hangover.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this movie for what it was and would recommend people to watch it with a grain of salt.

  9. Bridesmaids was a great chick flick to catch, especially when I’m going to be a bridesmaid in a few months time. It gave me a few naughty ideas around organising a hen’s night! At times the characters seemed to lack any substance, however I think the movie still provided the opportunity to zone out away from the real world, and experience another perspective. A light hearted movie, the usually great main actresses who played the bridesmaids and bride were average for once! I’ll give this one 3/5 stars… Check it out.

  10. Thanks for the 2-4-1 pass. I went with a girlfriend and we had a laugh. Lizzy Caplan was a stand out and our Rebel Wilson was ok in her smaller role. Isla Fisher played her usual ditzy character. Kirsten Dunsy wasn’t bad but looked so haggered and aged. Her look didn’t really fit the role but she played the role well. The boys in it were kind of average and a bit too gross for my liking. It was a bit too explicit in some parts and what happened to the wedding dress was unforgiveable. This movie was no Bridesmaids and more a female handover but overall enjoyable. I rate it 3/5 stars.

  11. WOW! I wasn’t expecting a movie like this. I actually thought Bachelorette would more chick-lit and romantic.
    But, I’m not complaining! It was absolutely hilarious!! I was laughing throughout the entire movie!
    I love films like these, and this one was well produced. The actors were magnificent and played their characters so well.
    Rebel Wilson is a very talented young actress and she lights up the screen with her hilarious presence!

    Thank you Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to watch this flick!
    I recommend it to any chick who loves a good laugh!

  12. Thx for the 2-1 pass went with a couple of friends & have to say was funny, so funny in places that coke came out of my nose. No NOT the sort that Isla Fisher’s character likes! Only down point was there was not enough screentime for Rebel Wilson. can’t wait to see a film where Rebel has a whole lot more screen time.

    Good flick for a girly night.

  13. All i can say is what a hilarious movie, my hubby and I saw it last night and even he enjoyed it.
    I think if you are easily offended by strong language and drug use then this proberly isn’t the movie for you.
    Basically without giving too much away Bachelorette is about a group of school friends called the B Faces who reunite for Becky’s wedding – the night before the wedding turns into an impromptu bachelorette party and this is when you get to know the background of the 3 bridesmaides – Regina, Katie and Jenna. The rest is the lead up to the morning of the wedding and getting to the ceremony in time and in one piece!
    Bachelorette has a great cast, it was good to see 2 aussies in there even though Rebel didnt get as much screen time as i assumed she would.
    I would easily recommend this movie as it is not your typical chick flick, it is one that your male partner or friend can chuckle away sitting beside you!

  14. I have to say I loved it . It’s a much darker comedy than Bridesmaids and honestly having friends like these would worry me, I mean who needs enemies..Well worth watching again. And I think Rebel Wilson did a fantastic job.

  15. Thanks for the 2-4-1 pass, my sister and I loved the movie. There were so many ‘laugh-out-loud’ moments – not recommended for those easily offended, especially with all the drug use. I’d definately watch it again, great movie for a girls night in.

  16. Thanks for the 2 for 1 pass to see Bachelorette. My friend and I had a fun girl’s day out, with plenty of laughs. Yes, it was a much darker comedy than Bridesmaids, and at times cringe-worthy, but great entertainment. I won’t be taking my mum to see it though…

  17. Dark is an understatement. There are some laugh at loud moments but many many more cringeworthy ones. Drug overdoses, gross gross gross humour. I am broad mined but …this is not entertainment. The cinema had 200 silent people at the end of it. OMG!

  18. I dragged hubby along to see Bachelorette as an anniversary outing and we both got a couple of laughs. Neither of us are usually fans of chick flicks, romantic comedy or comedy. I haven’t even seen the two movies this is being compared to, Bridesmaids and The Hangover. We are more horror fans, when I get to watch at all. Though we are both fans of Kirsten Dunst.

    This is a great movie for anyone who feels they ended up with the bridesmaids from hell because it won’t be long before you start thinking you didn’t have it so bad after all.

    There were many laugh out loud moments and there were many OMG Really moments, thrown in with even more moments that made me cringe.

    I didn’t find Bachelorette to be as hilarious as I expected, it was actually kind of tragic. 4 ‘besties’ from high school that it turns out weren’t as close as the bride-to-be might have thought.
    The matron of honour is a total control freak who is warring with out of control jealousy and the two bridesmaids are the stereotypical slut and bimbo.

    The movie had its heartwarming moments as the 4 girls learned a lot about themselves and started working through some of their issues.

    I did quite enjoy the movie though it wasn’t the start to finish bucketloads of hilarity I expected. There are definitely moments with the potential to offend but most American comedy contains an extent of smutty humour.

  19. I took my Mum with me because I thought it would be a great girly movie for us to watch. I have to say I thought it was extremely funny and didn’t stop laughing most of the movie. It touched on so many topics that are real so it’s relatable but at the same time you think wow how do people get themselves into these situations!

    I have already told my girlfriends to go watch it I loved every minute of it!

  20. thank you for giving me the chance to see this i went with my hubby we had some good laughs its funny and sad there are times its plain boring but over all its not a bad movie it took me back to my own wedding and hens night and the fun and sadness involved id give the movie a 31/2 its not to bad

  21. From the trailer this movie to me was one to watch on DVD, so I didn’t have high expectations going in to see it at the movies. But, boy am I glad I got this opportunity! This movie is a fantasic comedy with plenty of laugh out loud moments. The whole cinema was erupting with laughter. The movie is like a sister/girls version of The Hangover, but in a different light as it’s more about the bridemaids than the bride herself. The actors complemented each other very well on screen. There were a couple of moments of predictability but overall this movie is not what I was expecting! Very enjoyable movie, would watch over and over again!

  22. What a great movie im so glad I got to see it rebel Wilson is a crack up get out there and see this movie it’s so funny thank you beauty and lace!!!!!

  23. Absolutely loved it. I went with my best friend, and we both agreed, no expectations, and just enjoy it.
    We sure did.
    Yes it’s over the top, corny and predictable, but was fun and head emptying escapism from the realities of the world.
    Thank you for the opportunity. It was a rare treat for me, and much appreciated.

  24. My gf and I absolutely loved it.. We found it to be hilarious and Rebel Wilson played the part fantastically. Would definately recommend it 🙂

  25. I’m undecided about this movie, thanks for the opportunity to see it using the 2 for 1 pass.

    It is funny but dark all at the same time, there are some big reality moments, but it is something that most people would be able to relate to. I’m not sure if I would purchase this or see it again, but am still thankful I was able to see it at the cinemas.

  26. I’d heard Bachelorette called ‘a mixture of Bridesmaids and Mean Girls’ which isn’t entirely true – imagine if The Hangover was made with women that would be Bachelorette. It’s raunchy and a little darker than its male counterpart, but also, unfortunately… less funny.

    It’s clear that the writers knew they wanted to make something that women could go and see, relate to on a hilarious level and laugh out loud. I don’t think they counted on Bridesmaids beating them to the release punch (fun fact: Bachelorette was actually created first, but run-arounds with the script, casting and filming schedules pushed it back) so watching a group of girls behave badly around a friends’ wedding isn’t new.

    Lizzy Caplan, Aussie Isla Fisher and Kirsten Dunst play three selfish, drugged up and heinous girls who are asked to be bridesmaids to a girl whom, in high school, they named “pig-face”. The three almost-30 girls are each querying their own lives, but are too stoned, too drunk and too self centred to see that they are simply horrible people.

    What is never addressed is the reason why Becky would ask the three hateful girls to be her bridesmaids – they throw her a bachelorette party that ends in disaster, they wear her wedding dress and rip it and in between doing lines of coke, drinking and sleeping around, they yell at almost every tailor in the city who can’t rectify their mistake.

    The writing isn’t funny, it seems like the script was written for shock value and not humour and whilst Lizzy Caplan (you’ve seen her in things but might not know her name or even remember where you’ve seen her), Kirsten Dunst (really? Following Melancholia up with this? Has she had a mainstream hit since Bring It On?) and Isla Fisher (who had better do well in 2013’s Now You See Me or we’re going to have an issue), Australian comedic actress Rebel Wilson is the one who steals the show as “pig-face” herself, Becky. Perhaps the movie would have been better served bringing her in from the fringes of the story to the lead, leaving the three selfish and heinous bridesmaids as background fodder.

    The premise is there for Bachelorette to be funny and have a touching storyline as a subplot and the humour could have been funnier – crude isn’t always funny. However, what’s left is the notion that Kristen Wiig trumps Kirsten Dunst in the funny, pre-wedding stakes and that maybe, just maybe, being a Bridesmaid is better than being at a Bachelorette party.

  27. Hubby & went to see this recently after being chosen as a lucky reviewer. I

    found this movie to be quite good overall. Some parts were laugh out loud funny while other parts were a little lame. Isla Fisher was particularly funny as the ditzy friend Katy, she is a really great comedic actress. Kirsten Duntz was rehashing her character from “bring it on” by being the bossy & controlling Leader of the gang so I found her quite annoying.

    The plot was a little thin & predictable in parts but all in all I found Bachelorette to be a fun, quirky movie (& who doesn’t love Rebel Wilson?!). 3 1/2 stars out of 5 from me 🙂

  28. Yes although it depends on an individual’s perception of humour, this was a fun movie not to be taken seriously, but my personal enjoyment was hindered by my choice of companion for the 2 for 1 pass. My 87 year old mum! She was NOT impressed by the language nor the story line and was ‘tut, tutting ” throughout the film. It was difficult for me to laugh under these circumstances. So I recommend taking someone with you who will not be offended by lots of crudity,crass language and a rather superficial plot.

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