Interview: Misguided

Today we have Misguided, a Metalcore band from Brisbane with us for an interview. If you like your music loud, read on…

How would you describe your genre, Metalcore?

Socially aware Metalcore. Canned Heat meets Frank Zappa meets The Boss Springsteen with dash of polka and the melodies of pre 2000 Kylie Minogue.

Which other bands would you compare yourselves to?

We sound like Misguided, but in saying we have to leave it up to individual to decide.

Where did the name Misguided come from?

Spencer tits McGee. It was originally going to be  Devocean but that was terrible, then tits McGee came up with Misguided Youth but that was horse sh*t so we dropped the youth.


Who is the leader and who is the comedian in the band?

Everything we do is a joint decision but basically Brock & Spencer steer the ship in regards to organizing shows and social networking and whatnot, and apparently we are all f*$%ing comedians. Jams can get quite hurtful sometimes. Haha but seriously we have 5 very funny guys in this band.

What do you have planned for your launch show?

An all round top time. This has been coming for a long time. We are really pumped for this show and the fact we actually have something to release is exciting, so we are all keen as flicked beans. Plus everyone who was in the clip are going to be there. Should be a killer night!

You guys are from Brisbane, what is the music scene like there?

It was a bit rough for a couple of years but it’s really starting to come back. With places like The Lab, The Brightside, New Globe Theatre, The Crowbar etc its making it easier for people to get to shows. There’s always something going on.

Tell us about your single, “Know the Enemy”….

Know The Enemy is about the realization that there are so many underlying problems in our own countries that need to be fixed instead of wasting money on pointless war. 1% shouldn’t own the world. When some people don’t even own f*$%ing beds!

When will we see your EP released?

May 27th. Presales start at the beginning of April!

What is next for Misguided?

In the next 12 months we are going to release this EP and cover this country.

If you could play anywhere in the world, where would it be?

John- Reeding or Leeds Festival or anywhere in Europe.
Jason- Hell Fest and Download Festival. Mayhem festival.
Clay – Soundwave New York city, followed by the whole world
Brock-The Riverstage, I’m thinking realistically but if I could say anywhere, O2 Arena or Wembley Stadium
Spencer- House of blues! Vans warped tour. But mainly Riverstage.

Where did the idea for your film clip come from, and what was it like making it?

Brock came up with the concept of it all. The rest of the guys had input throughout the planning stage. It was honestly one of the funniest experiences we’ve had as this band. We had our good friends play the parts and the legends at Luke Soanes Media film it. You seriously have no idea how hard it is to be super serial when “Bill” is loosing his god damn mind… and pants. We had 2 major injuries, one hospital trip, almost a lawsuit and stupid amounts of alcohol. It was an amazing day.

Where can we see you play?

7th of April – The Brightside w/Board Stiff, Far From Paris, and Sensaii
We have more shows to be announced soon!

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