Mic’s Mouthful of Zac Efron Excuses…

So it’s still Zac Efron week here at Beauty and Lace and while our very own Flick Chick is off making the most of her half of excuse REASON number one I thought I’d pop in to give you a little Zac Efron giggle of my own.

Here is my Top 5 Excuses, I mean REASONS, why you might just HAVE to watch Zac Efron. And yes, some of these I have actually heard used.
I hope you like them and they give you a giggle. Oh, and feel free to use them if the need arises.

17 again

Reason number 5.
Alyssa Milano has been one of my favourite actresses since her Who’s The Boss days, I just wanted to BE her so I watch all of her movies – and that is why I HAD to watch New Year’s Eve.

Reason number 4.
Ray Liotta plays the ultimate bad guy with those intense brooding good looks, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to watch him play a paramedic – and that is why I HAD to watch Charlie St. Cloud.

Reason number 3.
I loved Freaky Friday and Like Father Like Son when I was growing up it sounded like they were ripping off the storyline so I had to see how much they mangled the favourite movies of my childhood – and that is why I HAD to watch 17 Again.

Reason number 2.
My 8 year old daughter just loves High School Musical so I haven’t had a choice, they are her favourite movies and she just wants to watch them over and over and over again – and that is why I HAD to watch all three High School Musical movies 700 times.

But the choice for my ultimate favourite proved a little too difficult so I had to go for a double header, neck and neck Two winners, and the ones we are using around the office.

The number ONE reasons why we HAD to watch Zac Efron

It was for work! The movie needed to be reviewed – and that is why I just HAD to watch New Years Eve and The Lucky One.


After reading the book I was compelled to see how they translated that to the big screen – and that is why I HAD to watch They Lucky One (or will have to because I am beginning to feel that already and I haven’t even finished the book).


2 thoughts on “Mic’s Mouthful of Zac Efron Excuses…

  1. hahaha I pretty much have to pay that one Flick. You have the only undeniable, unarguable reason why you need to do it.
    I can admit it. LOL.

    I can’t wait to hear what you think of the new one! 🙂

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