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Today we are lucky enough to have in season double passes to check out the new Brad Pitt movie ALLIED in cinemas Boxing Day, what better way to recover from a big Christmas Day than relaxing in a dark cinema with Brad Pitt…. I can’t think of much I’d rather do.

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“ALLIED” is the story of intelligence officer Max Vatan (Pitt), who in 1942 North Africa encounters French Resistance fighter Marianne Beausejour (Cotillard) on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. Reunited in London, their relationship is threatened by the extreme pressures of the war.


©2016 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

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Director: Robert Zemeckis
Cast: Brad Pitt, Marion Cotillard, Jared Harris, Lizzy Caplan & Matthew Goode

Please check out the trailer and let us know what you think:

Thanks to Paramount Pictures we have 5 double passes to ALLIED to giveaway to Beauty and Lace Club members. For your chance to win a double pass please tell us in the comments below about your favourite way to spend Boxing Day.

Competition closes 15/12/16 midnight AEST. You must be a Beauty and Lace Club Member to enter. Make sure you use a valid email address so we can contact you if you are a lucky winner.

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68 thoughts on “Members Only Giveaway: ALLIED

  1. I usually spend it at work.. but as I’m on maternity leave! – I would loveeee to spend it at the movies with my wonderful husband!

  2. Usually, I am just trying to stay cool and dry and try not to over feed myself after Xmas day but a nice visual feast of Brad would be allowed I’m sure!

  3. Typically we sleep in and then head to the boxing day sales to get all those reduced Xmas goodies ready to hoard away for the next year. And then I hit all the clothing stores to get myself a bargain. Last few years we’ve been hitting the ski slopes and working off the Xmas dinner in some powder.

  4. Just relaxing with my family, it’s a great time to just wind down after all the parties leading up to Christmas

  5. this family likes to read, and read, and nibble on whatever left over after xmas in a mixed bowl, sort of everything in it, for each person, and we can go where we like then, and absorb the book…

  6. We go down and watch the start of Sydney to Hobart yacht race the atmosphere is amazing and the yachts are so beautiful and the maxi yachts are huge

  7. Well boxing day should be a day you actually have to wear boxers or something loose and relaxing as this is a day of eating drinking and swimming and just playing with the kids and their toys its sad to say but its better than Christmas day for me I don’t have to cook cause there is usually more food than we could ever eat Best day ever

  8. Movie looks great! I love spending Boxing Day eating ALL the leftovers from Christmas Day. Dieting never starts until the New Year for me!

  9. Relaxing if possible… Christmas is so hectic and over so quickly, it’s all rather exhausting. Sitting back in a movie theatre and watching a movie sounds just perfect!

  10. On Boxing Day its a day to work out what to do with the leftovers, and to just relax and either read or watch what I was lucky enough to get for Christmas – its a day of just chilling out!!

  11. Relaxing if possible… Christmas is so hectic and over so quickly, it’s all rather exhausting. Sitting back in a movie theater and watching a movie sounds just perfect!

  12. Relaxing down at the beach with my dog in the morning so he can cool off and I can walk off some of Christmas days’ indulgences. Then it’s an afternoon of tv watching the Sydney to Hobart yacht race and wishing I was on the harbour.

  13. It’s such a relaxing day after all the wonderful hustle and bustle of preparing for Christmas Day. Spending time with my beautiful husband and Brad Pitt, well that’s a no brainer for me.

  14. I spend it with the boyfriend’s family. The best Boxing Day I had though was when my sister and I stayed home and had a Seinfeld marathon. Yada yada yada…

  15. Celebrating my birthday……….and my mum’s birthday……….and my dad’s birthday………It’s almost like christmas all over again….

  16. Is it bad to say that I prefer to spend it with a glass of wine, comfy seat, snuggly dog and a pedestal fan? (Maybe watching the Doctor Who Xmas Special as well….yes I am a nerd )

  17. Ah shopping the Post Christmas sales with my dear mum . A tradition we have that dates back to my childhood. I now pick her up and push her in the wheelchair around the shops. She loves it and I love seeing her happy

  18. A big sleep in, lounge around and take it easy with a few nibbles and a glass of wine, watch the start of the Sydney to Hobart race, Dr Who Christmas special if there is one and just generally chill with my husband and pets.

  19. with my partner, a walk to work off all xmas food from day before then bbq in the great outdoors with friends and family

  20. Sleeping in , eating leftovers, drinking more wine and heading out to dinner and a gold class screening in the evening.

  21. Usually avoid the. Boxing Day sales working in retail it’s the first place I avoid Boxing Day .

    A little sleep in, relaxing and munching on Christmas left overs .
    :however this year being home alone I’m working so will be dealing with the crazy customers lol then will go home chill n watch some Tele

  22. Sitting back curled up on the couch watching TV, after a work shift on Christmas morning coming home and cooking Christmas dinner followed by the big clean up. Hopefully l won’t get called inyto work on Boxing Day.

  23. We have the best Christmas Day and Boxing day family get-togethers….my family for Christmas (where i put in alot of work) and my partners family for Boxing Day – we get to relax as they supply everything (we are the ‘older’ uncle and aunt..we milk it! ha ha)!

  24. “Boxing Day” the day I put my feet up and relax, Christmas day I Cook, Serve and load the dishwasher, I make sure every one is having a good time, with plenty to eat and drink. I am exhausted. Come around quickly Boxing day please.

  25. My partner works FIFO and will actually be home for Boxing Day this year. If I win, he gets a free movie, I get Brad. Win–Win!

  26. boxing da,y is catching up with rellys we missed christmas day, sometimes we go to the boxing day sales and buy things for next year as presents.

  27. We usually sleep in, then clean up from our big family Christmas Day, next we prepare for Boxing night, when all our friends “box up” some left overs and come to our home. We share a fun relaxed night, which is wonderful after the rush of Christmas

  28. Boxing day is usually spent shopping (or attempting to) in Adelaide after a day of indulgence. This year and for the first time in more than 25 years Im not going to be in Adelaide – just home in Canberra with husband and son. Feeling equal parts guilty and happy to being able to chills at home. But missing Adelaide.

  29. Boxing Day is often spent at the movies so this would be great! I enjoy seeing all the latest blockbusters and it’s a fun way to escape the summer heat!

  30. Cicadas buzzing, cherries ripening, the “rellies” are coming, the temperature’s climbing.BoxinDay in Australia is about spending long days in the sun with friends and family and taking it easy.

  31. Always a must is to go to the Boxing Day movies with friends I didn’t get to see on Christmas day. It is relaxing especially after such a busy day the day before and always great fun.

  32. Subject to the weather, i usually get the kids up early, head down to the beach for breakfast, paddle/swim and play, then head home mid morning, turn the aircon on, set up a platter of left over food for the kids, and they play with their xmas gifts, by mid afternoon, we have movie time at home and just chill out.

  33. We love sitting around having brunch with the left-overs and flicking between the cricket and the Sydney to Hobart on TV, while the kids play with their toys.

  34. Boxing Day for us is spent being peaceful and helping an intellectually impaired friend with no family by having a sense of inclusion and by spending time with my family.

  35. Boxing day we splash in the kiddie pool, play outside and enjoy some more family time before I have to go back to work

  36. Our tradition is to take the family to the movies to see whatever the Boxing day movie is released. This year, we look forward to “Sing”!

  37. My fave way to spend Boxing Day is laughing with my kids about how chaos always erupts on Christmas Day when the whole family gets together… there’s nothing funnier!

  38. Quiet day at home eating what didn’t get eaten and drinking a little bit more too looking and gifts and putting things away

  39. Even though I’m so tired from all the Christmas cooking and festivities, I still can never sleep because I’m excited about Boxing Day!!!!

    My favourite way to spend Boxing Day is getting up around 5am and getting ready and going to the shops and having a great time buying some treats for just me, and also finding some great discounts in the Boxing Day sales.

    Then I come home, have some food as hubby gets ready, then we go to another shopping centre, shop some more, or just enjoy the happy atmosphere and walk around.

    Then we come home, eat Christmas leftovers and watch the cricket and relax after all that running around!

  40. My mum, my brother and I used to go to see a movie but the last few years we just have a recovery day at home and do as little as possible. And have a better look at your presents.

  41. my favourite way spend Boxing Day is to spend the day having a BBQ and a swim at the Lagoon in Redcliffe

  42. Recovering from the massive mayhem leading up to Christmas by chilling out with my children and enjoying them enjoy the great gifts Santa brought…

  43. I love to relax spending the day with the kids watching them enjoy their cool thoughtful gifts that Santa chose for them….

  44. Mostly relaxing and eating all the leftovers, When I say relaxing, I mean not being able to move from all the food we ate the day before and continue to eat.

  45. I usually spend the day relaxing after a busy time leading up to Christmas Day. Would love to see Allied at the movies this Boxing Day.

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