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Maroon 5 is back with their third studio album since they stormed the music scene in 2002 with ‘Songs About Jane’. ‘Hands All Over’ was released in the US on the 21st September 2010 and I think it will be received well by fans of the first albums.

Produced by Robert John “Mutt” Lange who has worked with many notable bands over the years, I was expecting this to be heavier.

maroon 5

Lange is well known for his work with Def Leppard, AC/DC, Nickelback and a long list of others, which is why I thought his heavier style would have shone through more.

Hands All Over has quite a varied sound, blending rock, pop, funk and R&B for an overall experience that is quite different from song to song. All are quite catchy and wth a few listens would be songs that you find yourself singing along to without even realising. Lyrically there is nothing that jumps out and screams extraordinary, all quite common themes of love lost and found. There is even a country track where the boys from Marooon 5 teamed up with Lady Antebellum. “Out of Goodbyes” blends Adam Levine’s voice beautifully with Hilary Scott of Lady Antebellum.

The first single “Misery” is a Top 10 hit which is quite catchy. A lot of the CD seems to have more drums than the previous singles. Maroon 5 have branched out and experimented with new sound on this album and it seems to be working for them. Not something I will be listening to everyday but an enjoyable change of pace.

The Deluxe Edition includes 5 bonus songs, so if you’re out looking for Hands All Over I would recommend the Deluxe Edition. 3 of the bonus songs are acoustic or live so have a totally different feel to them again.

Deluxe Edition Track Listing:

1. Misery
2. Give a Little More
3. Stutter
4. Don’t Know Nothing
5. Never Gonna Leave This Bed
6. I Can’t Lie
7. Hands All Over
8. How
9. Get Back in My Life
10. Just a Feeling
11. Runaway
12. Out of Goodbyes with Lady Antebellum
13. Last Chance
14. No Curtain Call
15. Never Gonna Leave This Bed (Acoustic)
16. Misery (Acoustic)
17. If I Ain’t Got You (Live) [Alicia Keys Cover]

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