Love Story – Gregg Arthur

I have been listening to Gregg Arthur’s Love Story this afternoon and it would make a perfect background soundtrack to that romantic evening alone, the candlelit dinner with your partner.

This CD is all big band, jazzy stylings that make your soul sing along. It takes some getting used to because most of these are covers of much more popular and well known songs.  Even on third time round hearing Van Halen’s Jump sung all big band brassy with the soulful stylings of Gregg Arthur is a little hard to get my ears around.

gregg arthur

Don’t Worry Be Happy – sounded much happier originally but it didn’t work for that guy so hopefully making it more soulful will work in this case. It is actually quite fun to listen to this way and much less annoying.

Lady In Red by Chris De Burgh was gorgeous and moving music, now Lady In Red by Gregg Arthur is much slower, more melodic and immeasurably harder to sing along too.

Gregg Arthur is a farm bred Aussie who has done some hard yards across the globe trying to make his mark. Through his journey he has sung with some of the greats and all of that is finally paying off. He is back in Sydney now though still spends a lot of time traveling and performing with orchestras, big bands and quartets.

Lovers of jazz are going to get a kick out of this CD!

Track Listing

Lady In Red
How Deep Is The Ocean
She Drives Me Crazy
Don’t Worry, Be Happy
How About You?
You Belong To Me
Theme From Love Story
I Concentrate On You
If You Go Away
Be Still
Let’s Fly To New York
Here’s Looking at You

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  1. Ive seen this guy live and he is totally in love with himself. His version of “Jump” is an exact rip- off of Paul Anka ! I saw him at Souths Juniors with my Mum and she fell asleep !

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