Logitech Case+ for iPhone (WIN)

Logitech are changing the way we look at smart phone cases, instead of being just a form of protection or decoration the brand have created a functional range for the iPhone 5 / 5s called the Case+.

Each item has a magnetised back so you can mix and match your accessories. I have been lucky enough to roadtest the 3 different Case+ iPhone5 cases and here is a rundown of their features:

Logitech Case + Energy $129.95


Out of the three products this is my favourite, as a charger and case in one it gives you additional battery life while on the go. This has a slot for your regular charger so you can keep it power packed, and when your phone is running low all you need to do is press a discreet button on the back to begin the charging process. This will double your battery power, and if you are anything like me and your phone is often on the red it can be one handy little accessory.

Logitech Case + drive $69.95


My second choice is the Case + drive, I rely heavily on my Googlemaps and would literally be lost without it. This will give you hands free safety while driving as it easily attaches to your dashboard or windshield with a suction car mount. I should mention again that these cases are all interchangeable with a magnetic back – so in this case the phone snaps onto the mount in magnet style with no messing around. This has a firm grip and doesn’t slip while driving.

Logitech Case + Tilt $39.95


Last but not least is the Case + Tilt, this comes in five fashion colours and is something you never knew you always needed. This folds into a stand which allows you to sit your phone on a flat surface in a semi upright position. It folds in two different spots which allows you to choose the position that best suits your needs – use it to Skype, watch movies or listen to music with easy viewing. You can even store your earphones when this is folded into a triangle.

The Case + designs are slimline and will transform your phone into a multifunctional device. Inventive ideas which are simple yet effective and really make your life that little bit easier.

Logitech Logo

Logitech have just launched a new product range. The product is a new case system for iPhones which is called Case+. The case is a smart sturdy case for iPhone 5/5S with a metal backing that provides protection. Case+ comes with a variety of accessories to add on to the case. For more information and stockist details visit facebook.com/LogitechAustralia.

Win with Logitech

To celebrate the launch of the Logitech Case + range we are giving away 1 x UE Mini Boom Bluetooth Wireless Speaker valued at $99. For your chance to win, suggest to us in the comment section below which one of the above Logitech products is your favourite and how it would make your life easier.

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69 thoughts on “Logitech Case+ for iPhone (WIN)

  1. Logitech Case + Energy would make my life easier as I use my phone for work and I am constantly on the go working full time and being a single mother to my two children so daily my battery is on low charge and more than a few times my phone has switched off due to the battery running out of charge. I’ve missed calls but most importantly I’ve missed photo opportunities of my children.

  2. The logitch case and charger would mean no more running out of battery life at absolutely the wrong moment.I love it.

  3. I would love the Case + Energy- the charger is so small and convenient – and my daughters’ iphone is forever running out of charge.

  4. I’d love the Logitech Case + drive for my car. I currently drive with my iphone in my pocket and I know this is not good.

  5. definitely the Case + drive, all my family live over the other side of the city, so I rely on maps to help me find my way, this would be a lot safer than having the phone on my lap while on the 1.5hr drive once every couple of weeks!

  6. Logitech Case + drive is ideal for when on the road and need some google map assistance,great to keep me find my destination

  7. Like you, the Logitech case + energy. My phone is on 17% battery now…how will I make it through the day?!? My life would be easier as I wouldn’t stress about not depleting the little bit of battery I have left.

  8. The Logitech case with energy is my favourite, my battery is always going flat when I am out. this would save me

  9. Logitech is such a reliable and affordable brand for whatever electronic gadgets you use. the Case+ would be my favourite, as it has the extra battery storage for when you’re on the go! Thank you πŸ™‚

  10. We’ve just moved from VIC to WA and have no idea where anything is over here! My other half is always getting lost and being male he refuses to ask for directions. It’s costing us a fortune in fuel and time driving around completely clueless trying to find our destination. (He had a SatNav but it soon died thanks to the searing WA summer heat!).

    So I’d love to give him the gift of a Logitech Case + Drive so he can safely use Googlemaps while driving, which in return would give me the gift of hopefully arriving somewhere on time for once! πŸ˜€

  11. perfect gift for my friend living in woop woop
    she always needs battery on her phone, with 3 kids somedays that battery needs a mid day boost

  12. The charger and case in one. I have 4 boys with autism and we always seem to be at the Dr’s. Someone always forgets to bring something to play with so they borrow my phone to play games. Then my the time I need to use my phone the battery is sitting on red.

  13. Logitech Case + Energy is the best invention! Like future technology today. It is small, yet I can’t lose it as it is attached to the case! Great that you can still use the original charger as well.

  14. The Logitech case +energy would be my pick because my husband is always stealing my charger as he leaves his at work!

  15. Love the Logiitech Case plus tilt. We’re travelling quite a bit during the year, so using this on the plane, would be ideal. No more hiring of equipment to keep boredom at bay.

  16. All three are incredibly innovative ideas- but I love the idea of the Logitech Case and energy- in my line of work I am not always near accessible power- and this would mean I could answer all of my clients phonecalls, not only those in the first hal;f of the day before my battery dies!

  17. The Logitech Case + Energy would be amazing because I’m always forgetting to charge my phone before I leave the house!

  18. Thr Logitech Case and Energy charger ,two in one product, its useful, practical and time and energy saver, its just so LOGIC!!!

  19. The Logitech Case+ Energy would be great, my phone is always running out of life when needed and this would make my days less stressful.

  20. Definitely the Logitech case and energy is a sure winner for me. Being ever so forgetful and not owning a car charger Im always finding myself out and about with out a doubt a flat battery. You don’t realise how we rely on mobiles for everyday functioning. Very clever idea.

  21. I would love this, my phone brightness is always turned down so I get a little more life out of it then I have to turn it up to show people stuff it’s always nearly run out and always at the wrong time..like a missed photo opportunity

  22. Logitec case + energy is definately my favourite as i use my iph 5 from wake-up till back to sleep & most days i start running out of power in mid/late afternoon & have to charge it again to get me thru the rest of the day so having a energy case that charges would be great instead of having to keep charging every time i get close to a power point & i wouldnt have to carry the charger around with me. Awesome Logitech!!!

  23. Love the Logitech Case + Tilt. It would allow me to view my phone easily when not in my hand. The magnetic backing would be great to to hold my phone on the fridge when cooking from an online recipe! They are all perfect for getting me immersed and delighted in the digital world. Thanks to Logitech I’d experience a richer, more comfortable, fun, productive, convenient, delightful experience.

  24. Gollum’s desire for the ring is like my desire for the Logitech Case and Energy. Back-up battery life is not just a necessity, it’s precious.

  25. Logitech Case + Energy – definitely…nothing worse than a flat phone when you are working way out in a paddock and need to use your phone, especially in an emergency.

  26. Case and tilt, it would mean that its tilted at just the right angle so my little Mr can use his favourite apps without getting his grubby fingerprints all over it.

  27. Logitech Case and Energy…no more worries about not contacting people when out and about…yep, forgotten to recharge at home again!

  28. With the Logitech Case + Energy I’d definitely have a greater sense of freedom. iPhone’s are great but I’m often restricted to my mobile usage when out for the day as my battery power is limited. My productivity would increase threefold!

  29. With the Logitech + Drive it is easy to watch / listen to directions (none of us are good navigators ) on my iPhone without taking my eyes off the road or mirrors. I can re-charge my iPhone “on the run” without having the charger cord in the inconvenient posttion of too close to the T-Bar and Hand Brake.
    It would make Trips to and from work, school runs, shopping and the childrens’ sports activities would be so much more relaxed with a Blue Tooth. A relative of mine had an old one which had a switch on it to answer and “hang up” calls. He had it set up in such a way that he didn’t have to glance at his phone at all or let go of the steering wheel.

  30. Logitech + Drive makes getting around easier and safer. My hands are not flipping about like my crazy Italian father.

  31. Why can’t the *(%$#@! phone stay charged? My energy crisis is real. Logitech Case + energy would save my shame of going to a cafe/library/friend’s place and begging to use their electricity.

  32. The Logitech Case + Energy is definitely the one for me. When my grandchildren visit they use my phone for quiet time games and there goes my battery, just when i need it.

  33. This would be great, something that not only lasted a good time before going flat but additional battery time give you more chance to get to recharge it before it goes flat.

  34. Logitech Case + Energy, make my life easier because I always forget to charge and then it’s panic stations when the battery goes flat!!!

  35. Logitech Case + Energy is my pick
    Flat battery and blank screen no more
    Now I can call and message my hubby
    Photos and videos can store
    Our three year old having lots of fun
    Can share with Nanna and pop
    With lasting power on the go
    Fantastic…. Great…just tops!

  36. The Logitech Case + Energy because travelling to work on the train and even at work I can’t charge my I-phone so this would allivate any stress as I would not run out of charge after using it all day.

  37. Case+ Tilt is my favourite with all its features.. It will make my life easy while travelling in bus or train by allowing me to watch videos comfortably. Plus magnetic back will allow me to keep my phone on a magnet attracting surface and i will never loose it….

  38. Case + Drive is a must have in my household. Having a tradesperson in the house means visiting clients for quotes and work and having a reliable way of mounting his navigation system will save time through not looking up a street directory or his navigation unit as it will be mounted to his dashboard. Thereby ensuring that he has a professional edge regarding attendance.

  39. I love the Logitech case and TILT. This would be so great for my desk at work, I could read msg’s without even grabbing my phone and looking obvious!!!

  40. I love the Logitech case + Energy. My children have been unable to contact me on numerous occassions because I have forgotten to charge my phone. Now, I’ll never be uncontactable again! Hmmm… maybe that’s not such a bad thing! Ha ha!

  41. The Logitech case+energy would be my pick as everyone seems to use my charger o it would be great to charge on the go!

  42. I like the logitech case & energy kit because I am always forgetting to take my charger and this not only gives you extra battery power (which is always handy) but it gives you a stylish case too.

  43. Energy! not only do I need more.. but my phone sure does. It keeps running low on battery which can become really annoying.. Keep wishing battery life would be longer on my iphone… So this would be totally awesome πŸ™‚ a dream come true πŸ™‚

  44. Definately the case and nergy because the kids are always taking my phone and leaving it without battery , when I need it most!

  45. That Logitech Case + Energy is made for me! My aging phone always seems to die just as family crisis unfold. A protective case too?… WINNER!

  46. The Logitech Case + Energy is my fave, I use my phone a LOT so the battery life is short, this super handy case and charger in one would make my life so much easier by giving me double the battery life!

  47. The Logitech Case + drive is my favourite, it’d be so handy when driving for improved safety and it sounds very easy to use and quickly attach my phone to it.

  48. The Case + Drive would be a great option for our family. When we go on trips we use my husband’s phone and access the NavMan app for directions – named β€˜Betty’ in our household. I hold the phone whilst hubby drives but I always turn the phone to face the direction of the arrows which annoys hubby. I then get confused with it and end up passing it back to him. The mount would allow the iPhone to sit on the dashboard so he can follow the direction where travelling and I can get back to more important things like snoozing or texting from my phone!

  49. The Case + drive would be fantastic, I’m finding I’m using Google maps more and more with the new estates popping up, without a holder it’s really hard to drive safety and follow the map.

  50. My mobile is usually flat, or at home, forgotten, on the charger, so the Logitech Case and Energy is my pick. Twice as much battery time! I love it.

  51. LOVE the LogitechCase + Energy,
    so the teens no longer moan,
    “Muuum my phone is nearly flat!”
    when we’re away from home!

  52. Logitech Case + Energy, what a great way to keep my phone charged when I am and out and about.

  53. The Logitech Case and Energy is my favourite, I would LOVE one for my husband. Hubby often has to stay away from home for work and is on his iPhone all day emailing, conferencing and navigating. By evening his battery is flat. The Logitech Energy boost would allow more battery life, so hubby and kids can wish each other a good night and sweet dreams.

  54. The Case+ Energy, HANDS DOWN! I can not say how many times I have been desperate to look up directions, check my emails, or worst of all, call somebody I’m trying to meet up with, and my phone has zonked out! Having this would be such a good back-up and the perfect cure to my dead phone anxiety as a result of all these traumas πŸ˜‰

  55. My favourite would be Logitech Case + Tilt.
    When we are out and about, I use my mobile a lot to entertain my son, especially when we are dining out so both my husband and I can dine in peace while he’s distracted watching video or playing his favourite games. This case is perfect to prop up the mobile.

  56. Logitech Case + Energy because my 12 year old son is always playing games on my phone and running the battery down and I’ve always got a flat battery and it drives me crazy!!

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