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Recently I caught up with Juke Kartel frontman Toby Rand for an online interview about the band and I thought that I would ask him some questions about the current album while I had the chance.

What is Levolution? How did that title come about?

Levolution is a word I created about my/our life. The dictionary meaning is –
Understanding the process in life by evolving to new or greater levels. Levolution is the ability to rise from the depths of adversity with a newfound understanding and respect for your path and surroundings.

Recognising the signs of danger or saviour and choosing what will elevate us to the next level. This album allowed us to write about the freedom of stepping into something that can shift those who are willing to walk with us.

6 of the songs on the album have been remixed from earlier albums, what makes them new and different on Levolution?

They fit so well with the new tracks and the album is cohesive and the overall meaning is in sync.

Have you got a favourite track on this album, and why?

I don’t normally have fave tracks, but my top 3 would be Anybody Out There, Bullet Wearing Trademark Clothes and The Sign. The Sign is important to me as I wrote that when I was healing myself here in LA. I was seeking inspiration and found it within myself. “There are signs and flashing lights all around us”

Levolution is the first album released since Juke Kartel moved to the USA and the first with record company Carved Records. It was produced by Brian Virtue (who’s known for his work with Jane’s Addiction, Velvet Revolver and 30 Seconds to Mars) and Rick Parasher (who has worked with the likes of Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, 3 Doors Down and Nickelback).


This album includes 6 brand new tracks to whet the appetite of Juke Kartel fans, all of which tell of the journey that has brought Juke Kartel to where they are today.

The new tracks: Anybody Out There, Bullet Wearing Trademark Clothes, The Sign, Road of Glass, Soulshaper and Find Out resonate with growth, if you really listen to the words you can’t help but get caught up in the rhythm and feel that there were lessons in these lyrics if you’re open to them.

The remaining 6 tracks are from the 2009 Australian release ‘Nowhere to Hide’ and have been remixed by Dan Korneff (who has worked with My Chemical Romance and Cavo). These tracks are the 3 singles Save Me, December and If Only; all of which received Australian radio airplay on release.

They are joined by Throw It Away – which I remember from Rockstar Supernova and a Telstra ad soon afterwards so this is an extremely catchy, rocking beat that I still can’t get enough of. My Baby – which I thought was released as a single but that must just be because I listened to it so many times (and it was my ringtone, I still jump for my phone every time it starts). Rounded out by the addition of On Fire, a soulful rock ballad that will have you singing along in no time.

Levolution is lyrically passionate and soulful, unarguably an album with heart that you can’t help but be drawn in by.

Some fun facts about Juke Kartel that speak of their talent. Juke Kartel are the first unsigned band to perform at the MTV Awards Australia, they won the 2008 People’s Choice Award in Australia as well as winning the Best Unsigned Artist Award in the 2009 Music Oz Awards. They also opened for Nickelback in Australia and toured the US and Australia with Rockstar Supernova.

Juke Kartel may have moved on to pursue their career in the USA but they haven’t forgotten their loyal Aussie fans, Levolution was made available to Australian audiences on August 20, 2010 well before the September 28 release in the United States.

Levolution is available for purchase through Sanity, JB Hi-Fi, Amazon and iTunes. Definitely worth getting your hands on.

Track Listing

  • Anybody Out There
  • My Baby
  • Bullet Wearing Trademark Clothes
  • If Only
  • The Sign
  • Save Me
  • Road of Glass
  • Soulshaper
  • December
  • Throw It Away
  • On Fire
  • Find Out

I love Juke Kartel and find their music really speaks to me. I would love to hear your thoughts. Have you got a favourite Juke Kartel song, and if so, which one and why?

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