Larry King is a broadcasting legend whose name is synonymous with success in modern culture, you aren’t a success until you’ve sat across the table from Larry King.

Larry King is a name that has been woven into the fabric of American culture, being invited into the living rooms of millions of people every night for 25 years on CNN.  He has been kissed by Marlon Brando; he’s tussled with Jerry Seinfeld; he was the first to sit down with Paris Hilton after she left prison; he’s interviewed people that never give interviews like the press-shy Frank Sinatra; and his coverage of 9/11 will forever be remembered.

The tables have been turned on the long running legend and he sees himself put in the hot seat. Larry King has been asking the questions for 50 years in broadcasting and that’s a lot of questions, and you would have to think it would be a lot of funny stories to relay.

Larry King

The brand new stage show, LARRY KING: STANDING UP, gives fans a funny and penetrating peek into the life of the legend at each of his exclusive, one-night only performances for Australian audiences. The Emmy, Peabody and CableACE Award-winning broadcaster starts his show with tales of his life growing up in Brooklyn as a street-smart kid and moves through to tales from his career as the greatest interviewer of all time.

To be honoured with a mantle like that one he has to have been doing something right and I’m sure his style and sense of humour will ensure audiences will be treated to an evening they won’t soon forget. This unique set of shows will be King’s first stage performances since the close of his 25-year stint on the award-winning CNN program “Larry King Live”

LARRY KING: STANDING UP is an exclusive one-night only experience that is coming to the east coast of Australia this October/November.

If you want some Larry King in your life now that his show has come off the air then you have to get tickets to go check him out Standing Up. If you loved him on screen, get ready and go check him out in the flesh.

Friday the 28th of October you can head out to Sydney’s State Theatre and catch yourself some LARRY KING: STANDING UP, Brisbane will get their turn at the QPAC’s Lyric Theatre on Sunday 30th October and then Larry King does the Palais Theatre in Melbourne on Monday the 31st of October.

Tickets for all shows go on sale Thursday 8th September at 9am

Tour Details:

Friday 28th October

State Theatre, Sydney 136 100

Sunday 30th October

QPAC Lyric Theatre, Brisbane 136 246

Monday 31st October

Palais Theatre, Melbourne 136 100

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