Kristina Miltiadou – Carousel

Melbourne songstress Kristina Miltiadou is a talented young woman transcending genres to create something new. Her style is all her own and it is certainly a breath of fresh air on the global music scene.

The debut single Carousel has made its way into Triple J rotation as well as receiving the remix treatment from Retza, Lemmy Ashton and DEJA. You can listen to all of them here:

It has also had a video shot by Josh Harris which is now available:

This track beautifully showcases the talent of Kristina Miltiadou, her lyrical delivery and her unique style.  The vocals are husky yet sweet but the beat is a more pop, upbeat melody. She is going to make a name for herself I think, for her individuality at the very least.


As well as checking out the new video for Carousel there is an intimate show in Melbourne on Thursday 19th July at Bennetts Lane. This show is going to be different for Kristina Miltiadou because she is reworking her originals to give them a little more soul, to add a touch of jazz all the while keeping the lyrics contemporary.

For tickets to the show, where Kristina Miltiadou will be joined by three fine soul sisters in Esther Holt, Ruby Kirov and Lily Parker or to find out more head to the venue at:

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