Justin Bieber – Boyfriend

This week has seen the release of the video to the new Justin Bieber single Boyfriend, and I have gone in a day after it was posted to YouTube and already it has passed 2 million views.

I am one of the very few people on the planet who are unfamiliar with Bieber so I can’t compare this with anything he has done previously. What I can say is that he is the musician with the most YouTube views of all time with 2.7 billion views. His Facebook fans number more than 41 million and on Twitter he has almost half that with nearly 19 million Twitter followers.

Like him or not you have got to admit that with statistics like that he has got to be doing something right.

This seems to be a ‘coming of age’ type video. The video is filled with hot cars, hardly dressed girls and dirty dancing the day away in a car park. The voice is deepening but he can still hit the higher notes and this track feels like it’s supposed to be husky and sexy.

boyfriend bieber

I have seen quite a bit of talk comparing this to Justin Timberlake and I can see where that’s coming from. Back when JT was first going out on his own and leaving behind the boy band reputation.

Justin Bieber is growing up, the baby face is still there but it is becoming the chiseled features of a young man rather than the more rounded baby face.

Check it out and see what all they hype’s about, you certainly won’t be alone….

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